Brand Strategy & Development

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”


In a competitive and complex world, we help our clients to position their brand to create stand out, to ensure a consistent message and reach their audience in an increasingly fragmented market place.

We make it our job to know your customers and to know what they think of you.

Brand Development

It all starts with

So how do we find out what people say about your brand when you are not in the room?

Research. This is the starting point of the brand journey and something OneAgency has heaps of experience in. Whether it’s desktop research, in-depth focus groups or a short sharp survey we uncover as much as possible so we can make informed decisions. It’s our job to ask questions and make sense of the answers.


Brand positioning

In this competitive world it is crucial that your brand leaves a distinctive and valuable impression in your target market’s minds. We make sure your brand is aligned to your market needs and expectations ensuring it has a unique, credible and sustainable position. It is not an easy task and can encourage healthy debate – something we advocate!


Brand development
and roll out.

Once we are satisfied we have a clear positioning and path ahead we set about creating consistent and relevant brand identities and campaigns. Not just a logo – every touch point is considered. Our talented creative bunch ensure fresh ideas are beautifully executed no matter what the medium.