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Stylish and integrated thinking for major home furnishing store

More choice. More style. More you…

The Challenge

Our introductory brief for Glasswells was to assist them in evolving the brand to appeal to a wider, younger audience. Dating back to 1946 Glasswells have progressively advanced and are now East Anglia's largest home furnishings store, this year celebrating their 70th birthday anniversary. 

Our Solution

Our initial work majored on updating the brand identity and marketing collateral introducing new typography, striking photography and stylish layouts. We also employed new methods to reach their audience working closely with Glasswells in-house marketing team to make clever use of customer insight and data.


5 years on, we are still Glasswells retained agency, producing all creative from press advertising, brochures, TV ads to digital advertising banners and emails. Our job is to make sure that Glasswells continue to innovate, stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with up to date and relevant communications, and, it's fair to say that we love it!

Choice TV advertising…

Devoid of a “John Lewis” production budget, our brief is to create a TV advert for Glasswells winter sale that will appeal to their audience, stand out from the competition and communicate the wide offering Glasswells have in-store and online. Our successful concept has allowed us to refresh annually our Glasswells ad keeping up to date with the latest interior styles and keeping production costs down to a minimum.

…and stylish print design

There is nothing like receiving through the door an interiors brochure to give you inspiration for your home. This is why we have invested huge amounts of time and energy in making sure the Glasswells brochures don’t disappoint and that they inspire readers to visit our stores (on and offline). 

A whole department of
digital delights

Our creative doesn’t stop offline, as we’re just as much at home designing eshots, landing pages and banner ads for Glasswells. Digital allows us to be truly single minded and targeted.

Stand-out press advertising

Press advertising still has a very important role to play for Glasswells. We design, artwork and supply on average over 70 ads every month and never miss a deadline – phew!

Radio Scripts
that really drive
the message home…

Turn up the volume

Standing out on local radio can be tricky
which is why we like to think out of the box
when writing effective and impactful radio scripts.


Relax – we also create Display ads that deliver every time

We create a number of digital display ads for Glasswells every month ranging from sale ads to targeted product messages. From storyboarding to creating the animation we take care of it all. 

Looking for a creative marketing strategy?

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    Looking for a creative marketing strategy?

    Simply get in touch to see how we can help you and your business.

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