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Fully integrated
launch campaign,
PIRfectly delivered.

Following a competitive pitch, OneAgency was chosen to work alongside Recticel, a leading European company that specialises in the manufacture of rigid Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam insulation, to reposition and launch the Recticel brand to contractors, architects and specifiers. The results – an intelligent and sophisticated integrated marketing campaign with industry recognition.

The Challenge

While the Recticel brand and their PIR foam insulation board was well known and understood by key customers (distributors and merchants), the brand was less known by influencers (contractors, architects and specifiers).

We were tasked with researching and developing the brand positioning to create an eye-catching look and feel that would firmly establish Recticel with a clear and effective unique point of difference. It was important that the communication material could be targeted and adapted for each audience as the key messages and motivational drivers differed.

Our Solution

After an extensive review of the market, Recticel’s positioning, the business model and their strengths and weaknesses, the conclusion was that Recticel purposefully manufactures and delivers a perfect end product, so perfect that it uniquely makes the installer’s job much easier.

A new brand identity and awareness campaign was created. Bold, engaging and confident and instantly recognisable, PIRfection was born – a word play on the product itself and the end result achieved.

With a communications plan produced and all marketing collateral updated to reflect the new brand, a full through-the-line campaign was rolled out across merchant POS, trade print and online advertising, PR activity, TalkSPORT radio commercials, merchandising, events and a new website.


Following the launch of the PIRfection campaign, key national distributors saw an increase in Recticel's PIR board sales as the result of a ‘pull’ from trade customers. Architects and specifiers have now been introduced to Recticel and recognise them as 'the' quality PIR insulation board provider. Noting the success, Recticel's parent company in Belgium gave their UK manufacturing operation high praise by wanting to roll-out the campaign to other countries.

PIRfect proposition

In a market dominated by lambda performance as the key driver for product sales, we had to fully understand what made Recticel different. Following several meetings and a factory tour – we knew how.

Through Recticel’s extensive efforts to manufacture extreme perfection, resulting in numerous benefits to the architect and contractors, we developed the PIRfection campaign – obviously! This was adapted further to be targeted to each audience – PIRfect design, PIRfect build, PIRfect for flat roofs.

PIRfection across the board

Using key communication channels,
including trade press, radio, direct mail, email marketing, social media, merchandising and lorry livery,
the campaign was rolled out, giving the launch far reaching impact.

Making PIRfect digital sense

Research revealed the importance of access to key specifier information online. We designed and built a fully responsive website that provided all the essential tools and downloads for architects as part of a ‘Tech Centre’ dressed with the campaign creative.

Coupled with an SEM strategy to optimise Recticel online, we ensured Recticel would be at the forefront of the target markets’ minds.

Email campaigns

Further ongoing activity included merchant campaigns, promoting sales for the likes of Jewson’s and SIG Insulation using eye-catching email marketing and in-store promotions, including a sales performance-driven go karting championship.

PIRfect across the board

Point of sale

Merchant store-side point of sale needed to stand out in a very competitive environment where space is limited. We encouraged customers to look up!

PIRfect across the board

Sampling PIRfection

Having identified that architects find samples a useful part of the specifying process, we helped Recticel design and produce innovative sample sleeves for its insulation products. These were made available via a website sign-up page in order to capture valuable data.

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