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Cutting edge creative solutions for the home of turfcare…

Reesink Turfcare & Toro. Innovative turfcare technologies.

The Challenge

It all started over two decades ago when we were asked to help position Reesink Turfcare as the supplier of Toro, the 'Ferrari' of professional turfcare machinery, as leader in the market. Since then we have worked as a seamless extension of both companies’ marketing communication activities and today they dominate the golf and sports market in the UK.

Our Solution

Led by a progressive PR campaign, declared by the global Toro head office as 'best practice', the work we produce for Reesink and Toro spans advertising creative, literature design and digital marketing. The campaign has too many highlights than we have space to mention, but from promoting customer purchases in a biannual newsletter since 1994 all the way to redesigning and building an industry-first website for Reesink, offering turfcare professionals all they need to make an informed choice, in 2016, it is a collaborative relationship which delivers again and again.


Reesink is recognised as a market-leading provider of innovative technologies with unsurpassed customer service. Industry-leading creative marketing and a campaign that generates invaluable coverage and exclusive opportunities, and helps grow sales for business success, it’s a team effort worthy of a lifetime achievement award and its success means we work across all Reesink brands in the UK.

Bringing turfcare to life…

It doesn’t have to be just consumer campaigns that allow for high impact creative.
With a tight brief, an imaginative team, flair and attention to detail, turfcare machinery can be, too.

…and leading the field with award-winning advertising

If the end result of golf, fine turf and groundscare maintenance using a Toro produces neat, tidy and beautiful looking green spaces, we thought the advertising should be that, too. So we made lots of striking product adverts to shout loud how those leading the field of turfcare maintenance can have their own beautiful spaces – using a Toro.

The greatest print design on turf

Seriously though. Look at that picture, what a lovely use of space, makes what is sometimes dry content leap off the page,
catching the eye and makes for seemingly an easy read.

Pitch perfect email marketing campaigns

There is a pun there, but there is also a valid point. Reesink has a comprehensive emarketing programme needing careful management and considered content. That’s why we review the
message and compare against the audience and put them together with impactful creative to generate huge open rates and returns. It’s a perfect performance.

The shows must go on…

In terms of shows, our client is way out there – across the whole country and across all sectors, and we love supporting them as they use the opportunity to connect with their customers. Whether it’s graphics for BIGGA’s BTME or the IOG’s SALTEX at the NEC in Birmingham, or client-run regional roadshows or Turfcare LIVE!, we get involved and get out there with them.

“Best practice” PR

There is a lot to say about the world of Toro and Reesink, through their insight, case studies and interesting newsworthy views.
Cutting straight to the nub of the story is easy when you have a great team to work with and fantastic customers to interview. It’s why the PR programme permeates
deep into the industry, reaching key audiences everywhere, they seem to appreciate succinctly crafted news, and that’s good as it’s what we do best.

Reesink PR

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    Looking for a creative marketing strategy?

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