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online retail strategy

OneAgency creates a brand new white label
ecommerce platform that integrates centralised
retail back end systems to UK retail stores

A decade in the making

OneAgency's experience in retail marketing strategy has been at the core of our online retail platform development. With over 10 years experience in developing highly bespoke back-end software platforms (primarily for the retail e-commerce channel), it seemed a natural progression to develop specialist software applications for retailers.

So, what have we built?

Understanding that many retailers have been crying out for cost-effective opportunities to trade online, OneAgency focused on building a new 'White Label E-Commerce Platform' - designed to offer Buying Groups and large-scale retail operators a powerful and inherently affordable web-based platform in which to manage their retail networks.

Who would benefit?

The online retail platform has been designed and built to offer for any organisation that has a core, centralised structure supported by a network of users/stores/operators who need to manage content online. Mostly this is companies that need to manage large amounts of product information and want it to integrate with their internal systems.

Feature rich content management system

Ultimately, when you cut through the complexities of CMS systems, almost all off-the-shelf platforms such as Magento, Drupal and Joomla offer users an interface between their website and their internal data. Our White Label E-Commerce platform does exactly that. However, one core difference is that it is bespokely built around a company's exact requirements. Our customers always end up with a system that is designed around what their business needs - they do not have to fit their business around software. It's how businesses should be run - by people, not systems and servers.

Core benefits include
  • 1 Full agency set up, integration and management
  • 2 Full integration into your product data
  • 3 Full promotional system integration (banners and offers)
  • 4 Customised mobile-friendly templates, branded in individual company colours
  • 5 Advanced digital marketing opportunities via search, email and content strategy
  • 6 A very cost-effective path to trading online
Core features include
  • 1 E-commerce CMS product management
  • 2 E-commerce customer management
  • 3 Unlimited CMS product and category management (with export functions)
  • 4 SagePay integration
  • 5 Google Maps integration
  • 6 Developed for retail software integration

A choice of

As a multi-award winning agency, we fully understand the power of design. Our White Label E-Commerce platform allows users to design their own website template themes, choosing from a bespokely designed range of mobile friendly web templates. It means that even a Buying Group with 500 retail outlets gets to ensure their network of members can have a point of difference with their own website should this be required.

As they say, design is a subjective beast. Our experience suggests that sometimes letting the client choose their own layout makes the most sense in certain instances (even if our creative team have signed the designs off beforehand).


Centrally managed product data

The clever bit with all integrated systems is getting the correct data from A to B. Our team of highly experienced web developers have created a seamless way to populate our systems with client data, all with one purpose in mind - integration. All of this means the client websites get to reliably connect to a head office ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems such as SAP, SalesForce, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics to name just a few. All of that hard to manage product and customer data gets to integrate with the front end of the marketing funnel seamlessly and accurately.

Product Data Infographic

Simple customer management

It's all very well having systems talking, servers behaving and websites looking visually appealing. The most important aspect in the retail process is the customer. Yes they need to engage with attractive, mobile friendly websites but they need to do one thing above all else - purchase product.

SAP | Rackspack | Sagepay | PayPal | Google

Secure data management

Integrating your online systems is tricky but the real fun begins when it comes to managing large amounts of data - securely and reliably. It goes without saying that our systems are designed to integrate with back office ERP systems seamlessly, meaning our clients have more time to drive their businesses forward and less time worrying about how servers are talking to one another.

Accurate reporting

Maybe because we wear marketing hats or maybe because we run a successful business ourselves. Either way, we understand about the importance of analytics, metrics and numbers. Our bespoke level of reporting suites mean our White Label E-Commerce platform is designed to provide the right level of reporting - to any business regardless of MI requirements.

Support & maintenance

Our White Label E-Commerce platform is indeed a very clever offering built on our experience, knowledge and expertise. However, we understand that it does not exist on it's own and neither do our clients. Our closely managed partnership schemes mean that we actively work with our clients - every day - as if we are in fact working in their business not just with it. Only by truly understanding our clients' requirements can we create and support systems that give them exactly what they want - now and into the future.

Functionality overview

With many years of development behind our platform, we are confident it has been fine-tuned to the needs of modern day online retailing requirements. Each new deployment brings enhanced functionality and specification, ensuring our clients benefit from the very latest in online functionality and system training.


    • E-commerce CMS product management
    • Retail software integration
    • Server set up, integration and management
    • Large scale database management
    • Feed integration and provision
    • Advanced digital marketing opportunities via search, email and content strategy
    • Award-winning front end design and creative
    • Mobile device development ensuring full mobile compliancy
    • Cost-effective opportunities to trade online
    • Fully customised mobile-friendly templates, branded in individual company colours
    • Full promotional system integration (banners and offers)
    • E-commerce customer management
    • Unlimited CMS product and category management (with export functions)
    • Google Maps integration
    • Email newsletter integration
    • SagePay integration
    • News and blog integration
    • Voucher integration
    • Google SEO support
    • Full management controls for Buying Group insight
    • Full daily, weekly, monthly agency support
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    To find out more about how our oneCMS Digital Retail Platform can help transform your
    business and your online content requirements, please contact us.


    We are finding it a brilliant website and very successful!! Really all members should have this platform to go alongside their business.

    It really has strengthened our business and provides us with a very manageable easy to use platform that looks great for the customers!!

    Would highly recommend the website platform to any CIH dealer and would love to see more getting on board to help improve the platform more !! Lewis Moncrieff, Director
    George Robertson Ltd

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