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Refreshing comms for an innovative manufacturer

The world’s most advanced water appliance

What we do for Zip.

Or perhaps it’s easier to start with what we don’t do! A truly integrated account, we work with Zip as if we were part of their in-house marketing team. Five years ago Zip appointed OneAgency for our studio skills on a project basis, now we are the lead UK retained agency managing the brand and creative from conception and applying it across a diverse range of channels. From literature, stand design, emails to innovative bespoke digital platforms, we cover it all. Our monthly work includes PR, social media, digital marketing, design and development, email marketing, experiential marketing, event management and much, much more. It is our hard working team and passion for this superb and unique brand that has seen us successfully grow the account year after year.

The wonderful world of print.

Print is very much still alive and working on a premium brand allows us to create and specify some beautiful print jobs. Never is our office so excited than when taking delivery of our latest piece of print for Zip. 

Creating digital spaces for a global brand

We have created a wide range of digital solutions for Zip, from beautiful bespoke and relevant websites and landing pages to digital portals. Zip have a comprehensive target audience ranging from end consumers and architects to facility and office managers. Ensuring that each audience has a relevant and informative digital strategy has been a key focus for Zip. ‘Tapping’ into our skills of in-house digital designers and highly experienced developers has enabled Zip to respond quickly to market requirements and lead the way in the latest technology and innovations.

Zip Case Study

Beautifully relevant
and effective email marketing

Social grace.

It is no surprise that social media is a must have for Zip's marketing strategy. Who doesn’t love talking about their kitchen renovation projects? We have helped Zip to create a large and lively audience across their social platforms. A carefully devised strategy is followed ensuring all key messages and audiences are considered and catered for. The social team has full access to the Zip creative team allowing them to work harmoniously with any latest creative outputs. 

Are you experienced?

Everybody that sees a working Zip Tap loves it, without exception. It was therefore imperative that we found a solution that would enable end users and our target market to engage with and demo the wonderful Zip Taps on offer. In drives 'Fifi' the H-van for some down to earth grassroots marketing. On behalf of Zip we purchased and branded a stunning Citroen H-van. We then devised a highly targeted calendar for the H-van to appear across the country, showcasing Zip's products and allowing consumers to experience Zip up close and personal. Hydrating the nation at swanky Polo events, Livingetc House Tour and appearing in busy London streets, the H-van has travelled thousands of miles (granted on the back of a loader for most of the journey, but still) and dished out thousands of litres of Zip's famous pure-tasting water. 

Working with

In 2015 we appointed brand influencers to support Zip in their social journey, a move that has seen Zip innovate in their sector. Providing a wealth of fresh and rich content as well as supporting Zip at events it has allowed our following to grow from strength to strength.

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    Looking for a creative marketing strategy?

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