Download our free whitepaper on how Covid-19 has impacted online behaviour

Never before in recent history have we witnessed such a time of change. By its very nature, marketing and the online landscape are extremely responsive to what’s going on in the world.

Unsurprisingly, the last couple of months has led to some big shifts in customer behaviour, with an instant knock-on effect to website traffic, online behaviour and digital advertising performance – both good and bad.

Our new, free whitepaper is a thorough digital analysis of how Covid-19 impacted online behaviour so far across our client base. The first of an ongoing analysis, part one looks at the digital sphere as lockdown took hold in March and April 2020. 

The five chapters will present clear key findings across different areas of digital activity, including: 

  • Website acquisition 
  • On-site behaviour 
  • Changes across different devices 
  • Google advertising 

We want to reassure you that though disruptive and challenging to all businesses, change brings with it massive opportunities. Whether you are a B2B or B2C professional, this white paper presents the current lay of the land online and gives you tangible actions to undertake now. 

From a B2C perspective, those who give their customers valuable content and fantastic online experiences, as well as embracing social media, will seize the day. B2B companies must make the most of this time to get their house in order ready for when businesses start operating more normally again. The businesses that succeed during these difficult times will be the ones who are aware and agile enough to respond positively to challenges.

One thing’s for certain – online is king, even more so than before. 

Download the whitepaper here

Part two, an analysis of behaviour in May and June, will be coming in July. Watch this space!

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