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E-commerce built
for independent

Following the launch of the new main Euronics website, OneAgency are now able to independently offer all members and agents of Euronics a standalone website of their own.

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    What is the Agents Own Website Platform?

    The Agents Own Website Platform is a powerful system that Euronics members can use to help them harness the online channel. It is a proven e-commerce website system, designed and built purely for independent buying groups. It will allow Euronics members to link stock information, product pricing and promotions securely into their own custom, mobile-friendly e-commerce website.

    Why are we doing this?

    Because Euronics realises that in order to compete with the ongoing rise of the internet, our membership needs to embrace online retailing and deliver it as well as it does in-store customer service. We believe that the new platform will support your business by continuing to benefit from a product feed of Euronics Agency and Core lines.

    Advantages to your store?

    Your store will see the immediate advantage of having a fully integrated web platform, designed around your own business needs. You will be able to manage online products, promotions, sales and much more - all for a simple, cost effective, monthly fee.

    Systems designed for Independent Retailers

    We can offer Euronics the ability to own your very dedicated e-commerce website that has been specifically designed for the independent retailer. We can give you the tools you need to make a success of the internet – all at a cost effective price!

    A signed-up retailer gets:

    • A mobile-friendly company website branded in your own colour scheme
    • Ability to use a new or your existing domain name
    • Easy integration into a range of manufacturer promotions and products
    • A flexible choice of tiered options allowing you to have a basic company web presence or sell to a brand new audience - the choice is yours!
    • A whole host of top website marketing features and functionality
    Top Features
    • 7 Advanced digital marketing opportunities via search, email and content strategy
    • 8 Google Maps and Analytics integration
    • 9 Email newsletter integration
    • 10 Sagepay secure payment integration
    • 11 News and blog integration
    • 12 Fully customisable to tie in with your individual company colours
    Top Features
    • 1 'Click & Collect' purchase option
    • 2 Euronics product data feed
    • 3 E-commerce customer and order management
    • 4 Showcase products, accessories and services
    • 5 Link with manufacturer promotions and products
    • 6 Voucher integration

    A choice of

    The Agents Own Website Platform allows you to design your own website template themes, choosing from a bespoke designed range of mobile-friendly independant retailer templates. It gives you the power to change colours, add your store logo and your own content to the site, as well as managing stock and promotions too.

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    Integrated systems

    One particular advantage of an Agents Own Website over a standard e-commerce website is that it has the ability to link to Euronics and your important product information. All of that ‘hard to manage’ product data is integrated with your website seamlessly. It can also work with your own custom products, ensuring your customers get to see everything that you currently stock in store.

    As always, the choice is yours.

    Product Data Infographic

    E-commerce for Independent Retailers

    It’s all very well having systems talking, servers behaving and your website looking gorgeous. The most important aspect in the retail process is the customer. Yes they need to engage with gorgeous, mobile-friendly websites but they need to do one thing above all else - purchase your product.

    Accurate reporting

    The Agents Own Website Platform understands about the importance of analytics and retail metrics. Our bespoke level of reporting suites mean the Agents Own Website platform is designed to provide the right level of reporting to properly control your store online and manage customer sales.

    Integrated products

    Our Agents Own Website Platform has been specifically built to integrate with Euronics’s products (as well as those members wish to add themselves). Not only that, it has been created to seamlessly integrate with the Euronics SAP Hybris systems, meaning our members get the very best of systems - all talking to one another in a secure, reliable manner.

    Support & maintenance

    The Agents Own Website Platform is also about partnership and support. With a dedicated team of professional developers and designers helping make your site work even harder, OneAgency ensures every member benefits from the right levels of ongoing technical and marketing support requirements.

    Rackspace | Sagepay | PayPal | Google

    Functionality overview

    With many years of development behind the Agents Own Website Platform, we are confident it has been fine-tuned to the needs of a modern day independent retailer. What’s better, each new deployment brings enhanced functionality and specification, ensuring all members will benefit from the very latest in online functionality and system training.


      • E-commerce CMS product management
      • Server set up, integration and management
      • Feed integration and provision
      • Advanced digital marketing opportunities via search, email and content strategy
      • 'Click and Collect' purchase option
      • Mobile device development ensuring full mobile compliancy
      • Fully customised mobile-friendly templates, branded in individual company colours
      • Full promotional system integration (banners and offers)
      • E-commerce customer management
      • Unlimited CMS product and category management (with export functions)
      • Google Maps integration
      • Email newsletter integration
      • SagePay integration
      • News and blog integration
      • Voucher integration
      • Google SEO support
      • Full management controls for buying group support
      • Full daily, weekly, monthly agency marketing support
      • Social integration
      • Google Analytics
      • POA product pricing option (for Core & Custom models only)
      • Customer reviews
      • Ability to add supplier videos and images
      • GDPR compliant
      • Product category management
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      Euronics, along with its digital partner OneAgency, are now offering all agents their own mobile-friendly e-commerce website from only £1000 with a small ongoing monthly maintenance fee of £150 + VAT.