Project The Performance Theatre – Germany 2018


For the last three years we have been asked to develop a creative solution for our client Xynteo’s annual Performance Theatre event.

From ‘Reimagining our legacy’ in London in 2016 and ‘Invisible Realities’ in Singapore in 2017, the brief for ‘Unfinished Revolutions: Leadership at a Time of Discontinuity’ in Berlin and Potsdam in 2018 was no different – it needed a striking look, feel and atmosphere to inspire 150 leaders, thinkers, influencers and doers from around the world at the invite-only event.


The Performance Theatre is no ordinary conference, it sets out to challenge its attendees to participate and look for solutions for reinventing growth, while providing a safe 36-hour space to learn, explore, reflect and question accepted wisdom.

Inspiration for the event is drawn, but not exclusively from the arts, so the emphasis on the creativity is greater than normal, and each event commands its own identity for a range of assets, yet all must reflect the series of events they are part of.

Our Solution

As always, an in-depth and thorough briefing with our client started the process so that we fully understood the concept and theme of the new event. Based on that, we developed a look that was true to the brand values of The Performance Theatre while moving it forward and importantly being visually challenging for the audience.

All print and digital items including website pages, social media icons, signage, room dressings, numerous print event items and importantly the programme, carried the look, which for 2018 encompassed everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the soundwave of David Bowie’s Heroes and the journey of the suffragettes to fake news.


All items including the programme were deemed to be the best yet by the client. The entire project was delivered on time despite numerous additions and amendments.

“Everyone was blown away by the creative”

Amy Ellingham, brand and creative manager, Xynteo.

The programme received serious praise from founder of The Performance Theatre and chairman and CEO of Xynteo Osvald Bjelland who said it was “amazing… the most relevant program and creative story line, the most beautiful.”

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