Zip Influencer Project

Tasked with ensuring as many people know about the Zip HydroTap as possible, we turned to online content creators to help spread the word



We knew that traditional advertising and media relations would only do so much in terms of brand awareness for our client Zip Water UK, and that the real authority lay in the new wave of online content creators. Having built up tens of thousands of followers, these dedicated influencers can talk directly to their audience, providing honest reviews and content. And, because they often have specific focuses; be it lifestyle, fashion, interiors or family, the people who follow them value their thoughts and opinions.


We set out a long-term project to work with online content creators to get Zip’s HydroTap – an instant tap providing filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water – into their hands (and homes). We knew that through allowing people access to the product, we could gain some authentic, genuine content which would be pushed out via social media channels instantly reaching a huge number of people. We first undertook research to identify relevant targets – who had the right profiles and following. Our main focus being on those with an interior design-led profile, who would not only appreciate the functionality of a HydroTap but also the different styles and finishes.


During the 2018 period we worked with a number of influencers, who included positive content on their social media channels. With the combined following of the influencers we worked with, there has been the potential to reach a total network of 482k followers on Instagram and Instagram stories. All bloggers have shared content on both the main feed and instagram stories.

We saw peaks in traffic to the website and followers across social when carrying out influencer activity.

Zip Water UK’s Instagram following grew by 84% from January to September.

Some bloggers we have worked with also have a presence on YouTube – brand mentions on this platform has seen fantastic results for brand awareness, with authentic demonstrations of the product. Videos were watched in excess of 175k times.

As a result of the gifting we have also featured in publications such as Elle Decoration and the Sunday Times Magazine and on multiple interior design blogs. In addition, we have been able to compile a number of case studies for use on the Zip website and within marketing material.

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