Generating leads and fighting the plastic crisis

Did you know that 163 grams of CO2 is released into the atmosphere with every 1.5 litres of bottled water produced? With the worldwide plastic crisis now a well-documented issue, we helped our client Zip Water create an informative e-book that encouraged readers to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles in the workplace for good.

Generating leads and fighting the plastic crisis


Zip Water, creator of sustainable drinking water solutions, wants to tell this story and tackle the issue of single-use plastic head on. To help, we devised a downloadable digital report that would influence facilities managers, those who are at the front line of making businesses’ more sustainable.

It is the FMs job to ensure the needs of the building’s occupants are met and essential services, such as drinking water, are always available. They have a very prominent buying influence as they are ‘on the ground’ and understand what employees and other everyday users of the facilities need.

Our Solution

We planned to first gain valuable statistical insights into what issues FMs face around drinking water provisions – phase one of the campaign. From this data we could then create highly targeted and well-informed content in phase two that will encourage the FM industry to take the required actions to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles for good.

To ensure its success, we enlisted the industry’s leading title, Facilities Management Journal (FMJ), to be a campaign partner at the initial planning stage. This meant we not only had full access to its invaluable database of over 19,000 FMs but also its full support and encouragement to give the campaign weight and credibility.

A carefully crafted email survey was sent out to the FMJ database, and 227 respondents answered questions relating specifically to drinking water provisions and sustainability. The results, collated and analysed, highlighted key areas of concern for FMs as well as the crucial considerations that are made when choosing suppliers and products.

Illustrating the results alongside engaging content from a range of expert contributors, balanced with our own case studies and subtle product information, an e-book was born. Instead of being an outright sales tool we wanted it to be valuable information for facilities managers, staying consistent with Zip’s key messages of sustainability and wellbeing.

Knowledgeable spokespeople – such as Eleni Iacovidou, a lecturer in Environmental Management at Brunel University and interior designer Jason MacLean – gave additional commentary that ensured the plastic problem and solutions presented were looked at from a much wider lens. Their valuable views ensured the bigger picture was considered, including the uncertainty surrounding plastic alternatives, the business case for sustainable initiatives and further sustainable design advice past drinking water provisions.

We then created a buzz around this clever bit of content with magazine editorial, emails, printed adverts and a LinkedIn inMail campaign.


The campaign proved to be a big success, exceeding targets set and generating a positive ROI. Anyone interested in downloading the e-book must enter their details first, which has already provided Zip with hundreds of high quality sales leads from big UK businesses looking to reduce their single-use plastic waste.

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