Lotus Originals brochure

We were approached by Lotus to produce a brochure to promote the Lotus originals brand concept overseas.

The finished piece needed to reflect the values of the Lotus Originals brand – luxury, quality, high-end appeal – to the target audience. The client wanted to explore the type of stock and finishing that could be used to lift it from a standard brochure to a piece of literature that would make a statement and sit well on any coffee table in any opulent setting.

The Challenge
There was a lot of content to incorporate and clever design and high-end print techniques were required to ensure that, despite being a content heavy piece, it was visually appealing and the imagery easy to absorb.

Our Solution
Opting for an over-sized format, which was larger than A4 created a point of difference from other corporate brochures and to help create extra space for the stunning content inside.

Slick use of fonts, colours and photography as well as five different stocks including duplex printed front and back covers gave us the wow factor that complimented the subject matter. Incorporating foil blocking and high gloss finish, metallic silver stocks and multiple foil treatments helped define the different sections of the brochure and add texture and interest to what was a heavily paginated piece.

Removable silver stud fixings bound the document together, which not only meant the document was very secure and easy to handle, but also meant updates could be added to the brochure without having to reprint the whole piece. As a finishing touch each brochure was individually wrapped and delivered in tissue paper.

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