Millers Music brand development

Millers Music

We pride ourselves on our ability to scratch well below the surface before undertaking a brand development project, and this was certainly necessary with Millers in Cambridge.

One of the oldest music stores in the country (formed in 1856), Millers Music Centre has evolved into a very successful piano retailer. It is based in the heart of Cambridge and stocks a wide range of instruments, accessories, sheet music and offers services such as piano tuning and repairs.

The Challenge
In 2012, the store was acquired by Simon Pollard, who was passionate about bringing Millers into the 21st century. We were tasked with looking at the Millers brand as a whole to develop a look and feel that retained the Millers name and alluded to its rich heritage, while modernising it to appeal to today’s audience.

We were asked to consider the store’s friendly and un-intimidating ethos – the fact that people are actively encouraged to try the instruments before they buy. It was important to develop a brand that appealed to a diverse range of musicians from amateurs to professionals, to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Our Solution
We always believe in challenging a client brief and making recommendations based on our vast experience, so we developed a concept that moved away from the existing brand look. We wanted to ensure Millers was seen as a destination for all music, not just pianos, our concern being that the piano symbol incorporated into the existing ‘M’ of the logo would prevent this.

We produced a brand which looked classic but with a contemporary feel, which was flexible to use throughout the store and alongside any instrument. We advised that the store is simply known as ‘Millers’ with a simple strapline based on its history.

In addition to the brand itself, we demonstrated how it can be used throughout the store to reflect the brand’s approachable personality.

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