Supreme Pet Foods creative design

Supreme Pet Foods creative redesign

We were asked to develop a brand and execute a comprehensive retail campaign for a leading pet food manufacturers and for the first ever range of complete meal bars for dogs to be introduced to the UK market. A variety of marketing techniques were required from market positioning to packaging design.

The overall campaign required a high level of creative thinking to introduce and explain this new method for feeding a dog.

The Challenge
It was essential the campaign and the range, which was, to a degree, expected to revolutionise the dog food industry were clearly introduced and explained. The concept, product name, brand style and packaging all needed to stand out and differentiate the range as unique and unlike anything else on the market.

Our Solution
A brand name with an association to the great outdoors and campaign idea were decided upon and clever packaging with a cut-out showing the product as individually-wrapped meal bars was developed. An educational marketing campaign, which included a website, banner advertising, stand support for sampling, shelf ready packaging display boxes and competitions using a QR code entry mechanic were also created to promote the brand as well as the concept of the product.

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