The rental revolution

When a client presents an idea that makes you think, “Why didn’t this exist before now?” you know you’re onto a good thing.

The rental revolution


Millers Music is one of the longest established companies in Britain and is believed to be the second oldest music shop in the country. Selling a wide variety of musical instruments including pianos, guitars, drums and orchestral instruments, Millers has a shop in Cambridge and an online store. 

The company came to us with a new concept – renting out instruments – reflecting its ‘music for all’ ethos.

Rental is not offered across the music industry, so awareness of the potential to rent is very low. The launch campaign for the rental offering had to be simple to understand and really sell the benefits. Renting can be the most affordable way of purchasing cheaper instruments, it is risk-free (allowing a new player to try before they buy), it increases the option to upgrade and there’s no maintenance costs. Parents and students were the main target audience for this fantastic new option.

Millers briefed OneAgency to build a creative rental campaign that would promote the rental offer across its online and physical channels. A fun, eye-catching illustrative style was chosen, as it would appeal to our target audiences and work well across multiple visual elements – chiefly, short educational videos that could be used across the Millers website and social media platforms.

Our Solution

The selected creative solution was ‘The Rental Revolution’. It was exciting and instantly understandable; The Rental Revolution suggests an exciting rental scheme for Millers’ customers and hints at the current Zeitgeist of our rental culture (from phones to Netflix and Spotify), while promising a powerful and game-changing concept in the rental marketplace. Creative elements included the strong call-to-action ‘Join the rental revolution!’ and price-led messaging, “From £8 a month” to quickly snare potential customers.

Knowing the power and impact of video, The Rental Revolution campaign featured engaging animations and educational video stories that sold the proposition and entertained at the same time. The various illustrative representations of the wide customer personas were seen enjoying and playing a wide range of instruments – highlighting the choice and the ease of the rental revolution. 

The simple style of illustration, with universal appeal, was selected to allow for ease of animation. The inclusive ensemble featured brass, woodwind, strings, piano (organ) and electric with a gender, race and age balance. Each character had a small animation movement to entertain and engage the viewer. Music was of course a key element of each video, chosen to breathe life into the characters’ story.

Our initial creative solution for the rental campaign was then rolled out to populate Millers’ ecommerce and rental sites as well as in-store merchandising with banners, large window posters and POS. We supplied all designed and artworked items to agreed specifications, with tweaked messaging and visuals depending on where the creative would be used. 

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