April 2, 2019

7 reasons why you should appoint an integrated marketing agency

With an ever growing range of marketing channels, disciplines and complexity, it is more important now, than ever, to ensure your marketing activity covers all bases, from PR and social media, through to website development and digital marketing. Appointing an integrated agency can be extremely beneficial for your business, as it will ensure you take a holistic approach to your marketing activity and campaigns.

An integrated agency can act as your very own fully-serviced marketing team, working across a range of different disciplines, with the aim to tie all communications together under one cohesive strategic direction. In contrast to specialist agencies, an integrated agency will have a range of experts within different fields under one roof, who work together towards the same goal. They do not have a bias towards using any individual discipline and instead, craft a tailored all-encompassing marketing plan, considering all customer touchpoints.

Multi-discipline and integrated teams ensure that each marketing channel is speaking to one another and that ideas are executed across a wide variety of disciplines to meet your business needs. Working together collaboratively, means the team can pull together to solve problems and ensure both consistency and attention to detail across all client work. This is crucial to delivering projects which are on-brand, in-line with your key messages and meet agreed objectives.

Other key benefits of using an integrated marketing agency

1. Expert knowledge

Integrated marketing agencies have a wealth of knowledge from various experts and specialists in their fields that can be utilised instead of, or to enhance, an in-house team. Everyone in an integrated agency will have their own specialism which will in some cases cross departments. This is especially beneficial as it can help to drive ideas and identify new and exciting ways to approach your marketing activity or project.

2. Access to more resource

Alongside having a wealth of marketing expertise at your fingertips, an integrated marketing agency also has access to more resources than you could imagine having in-house. From dedicated senior art directors, to specialist content marketing managers (and even additional freelance support), established agencies have the ability to bring additional resource to projects where required.

3. The latest technology/software

Integrated marketing agencies need to be at the top of their game in terms of the latest technology and software. This can be quite costly to purchase for an in-house team but when you have access to SEO software, media databases and social media management platforms through your integrated agency it gives you a greater insight into how your business is performing and how to make improvements.

4. High success rates

Work with an integrated marketing agency, build trust and they will have your best interests at heart and will want to help promote your business, ensuring you meet your objectives. Integrated marketing agencies have lots of different contacts who can help with promotion of businesses which can increase your return on investment and generate a greater brand awareness.

5. Flexibility:

Working with one single agency often means there is more flexibility in terms of allocation of budget, time and resource. Often, from month to month, you may have different key priorities which need more attention than others. Having one agency which deals with all areas of your marketing comms, means that they can adapt to the level of support you require.

6. Your budget goes further

Make your budget go further by taking a holistic approach to allocating ad spend. A key benefit of working with an integrated agency is that they can review where you are seeing the best ROI and allocate your spend accordingly, maximising your spend effectively across the year. A further benefit is you will be allocated a dedicated account manager who will act as an extension of your team, they will be responsible for your account, which in turn will ensure projects are managed effectively, equating to reduced costs. Over the course of the year, your integrated agency can review your budget and re-strategise as required, always referring back to your objectives.

7. Sparks creativity

The creativity found in an integrated agency is boundless. Working with someone outside of your organisation ensures strategy is imaginative and effective, taking an objective approach to the tasks at hand. Creatives usually have a very ‘out-of-the-box’ way of thinking, so they are likely to come up with something new and fresh. The outsourcing of creative marketing aspects can not only save you money but it can sometimes be the revamp a brand needs to succeed.

8. Seamless communication

Most importantly, by taking a joined-up approach to all activity, it provides the best opportunity to drive results and help your business reach its objectives. Bringing all marketing expertise together means that not one single department is working independently. This makes it much easier to put plans in place, streamline workflows and execute all activity as efficiently as possible. When everyone is working towards the same common goal, it removes any conflict of interest and ensures you can get the most out of your agency.

Big plus – it save you time too – one briefing and all marketing disciplines can be covered so your online messaging is consistent and aligns to  any offline materials. This saves time for everyone and ensures everything is working to top capacity!

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