Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Our team includes specialists in the full range of digital marketing solutions. This wide and deep skill set includes expertise in technical and on-page SEO, PPC and paid social, organic social media, digital strategy, email and CRO.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We work with brands to ensure their websites are visible in search. We use various tools and search data to define specific opportunities and tactics to drive search visibility. We also work hard to deliver clear, actionable guidance for marketing teams and content creators.

By ensuring content is guided by data and optimised to answer audiences’ queries, brands can build awareness, engage audiences and drive conversions.

Paid search, paid social, display and remarketing (PPC)

The team are experts at building highly targeted audiences. This is done in the appropriate platforms needed to reach potential customers, including Google Ads, remarketing, Google Display Network (GDN) and social channels from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram.

We continually monitor campaign performance, optimising copy and imagery to drive better ROI and reallocating budget for the most cost-effective returns. We use a variety of media from text and images to video to ensure audiences click and buy or become the hot leads your sales teams can nurture.

CRM, email and automation 

Email remains a powerful tool in capturing leads and driving conversions. Our team can deliver entire email strategies and campaigns including content creation and performance review.

We drive subscriptions from organic traffic and social channels – often using specific campaigns and gated content. Using CRM, our team can segment data to personalise journeys for different audiences to increase engagement as well as automate certain journeys for cost-effective engagement.

The team will continually A/B test subject lines and analyse open rates and click-through rates to optimise emails and drive conversions over the long and short term.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We use CRO and UX to ensure your website is driving the maximum number of conversions – analysing and optimising every click and scroll as part of that journey.

The team will address elements of the customer journey from navigation to calls to action – often A/B testing landing pages.

We report on the specific gains and increases from each action to show ROI as your site converts higher and higher proportions of commercial traffic.

Social media & content marketing

The Digital Marketing team also specialises in content marketing and social media, including data-led, full-funnel content and social strategy.

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An integrated approach

We are experts in tactical execution, but what sets us apart is our ability to look at them as part of the whole: from your business needs and goals to brand and specific campaigns.

This integrated approach means that your PPC and search strategy is aligned with your wider business aims.

By understanding the wider context, our team can ensure specific tactics support other marketing and product activities for the best performance.

Qualified in search

As the SEO and PPC industries continue to grow, so too has the number of unqualified fly-by-night operations exploiting business’ interest in it.

OneAgency’s team are trained and operate within Microsoft and Google’s strict search marketing accreditation schemes ensuring our clients always benefit from cutting edge search engine marketing advice and guidance.

Digital health and reporting

Our team will monitor the health of your website to ensure it is driving and converting traffic. This includes Google penalties, broken links, keyword rankings, load speed and the impact of Google updates as well as bugs and down-time.

Data, findings and recommendations are delivered in a monthly report to inform strategy and specific tasks to be executed by in-house teams or OneAgency.