Turning ‘the mindful mattress’ into a digital dream

Going social

The high-end bed company wanted to reach new audiences on social channels to drive awareness, engagement and sales.

a photographer taking a photo of a boxed idyll mattress
A woman sitting on the bed and looking out of the window
A woman sitting up in bed wearing an eye mask with the duvet cover still over her
A mockup of the idyll website on a laptop

Bringing the bedroom to life

OneAgency created a strategy to reach and engage audiences, introducing idyll sleep into the social arena, with a focus on a balance of sales and lifestyle messaging.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would be used to reach millennials, building an engaged community while also developing the brand’s aesthetic.

Lifestyle-focused social posts and advertising on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook placed the brand in front of potential customers.

OneAgency’s Social Media Team was given full creative control to ensure all social activity remained on-brand and delivered key product messages.

A woman asleep in bed
A mockup of the idyll website on a mobile device

On-brand and on-message

By regular, strategic posting and with the brand’s distinctive character, idyll has taken up its rightful place as visionaries in this competitive sector.

Two images showing the Idyll logo on the top half and icons on the bottom half which give information on how to open the mattress
A woman laying in bed wearing a white, long sleeve top with a book over her face