A joy of a project

The Big Curry is a fundraising event designed as a fun way to raise money for ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity, a charity we had the pleasure of working with to redesign its corporate reports and accounts.

An absolute joy of a project, The Big Curry brought colour and creativity to the working day and sometimes hunger pangs as we studied the recipes! We were asked to bring the event out of the shadows, hidden away as it was in the events section of the website, and give it the attention it needed.

Fun fact: did you know curry is a long-standing tradition in the British Army, originating from its long service in India and elsewhere in the Asian sub-continent, particularly during the days of the British Raj under Queen Victoria.

Its origins to the Army make it the perfect subject for fundraising for ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity and this event makes your curry count – whether it’s a Tikka for two or a Bhuna for a Battalion, eaten on the sofa or served up as a dinner party centrepiece every size curry is a big opportunity to raise money – and we were tasked by injecting some excitement back into the initiative.

A refined outer shape and sweeping cursive typeface updated the logo with a new, modern Indian feel. A bright, bold, contemporary, colour-clashing palette and rich patterns bought an instantly recognisable Indian theme to the screen and the page to life.

Neil Harrison, one of our senior creatives who worked on the project, says: “The first thing we did was to pull this event out as an individual page on the top navigation bar on the website. This instantly gave it, as the charity’s flagship fundraising event, the billing it deserved. We used an angled block to give a fun and energetic feel and softened some of the terminology used.”

Simple changes in the terms used can make the difference between formal and informal such as ‘Get Involved’ instead of ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Donate’ instead of ‘Pay In’ and make a page more approachable and friendly, as was certainly the case here.

Neil concludes: “Reinvigorating The Big Curry website was a thoroughly enjoyable creative experience. Although the cause is serious, getting people to raise money is about making things funny and engaging, and with the branding pitched to work alongside the humour of the armed forces brought a lot fun to the project.”

And we didn’t stop there – The Big Curry creative has been rolled out across everything from social media posts to party games and bunting. Visit The Big Curry website here.