June 8, 2017

Changing social landscape brings changes to client services team

In the first quarter of 2017 YouTube launched a TV subscription service, Instagram improved its business functionality announcing appointment capabilities, shoppable posts and improved analytics and Pinterest pinned its hopes on visual search translating into tangible results.

The speed of new developments in the world of social media is nothing new. Twitter flexing its muscle in live events and Facebook continuing in its ambition to become a media company are almost expected new developments in an incredibly fast-moving industry. But put all these together and what you see is a clear route to knocking down the barriers that have previously plagued ecommerce.

And it’s developments such as these that have had an impact on the social media service we offer our clients, as our client services director Helen Littlewood explains:

“We’ve seen a significant growth in social media across almost all client accounts and we predict this trend will continue to increase at a rapid rate. Clients are now seeing the results that a comprehensive social strategy can achieve especially when part of a wider digital content programme. Not only is social critical for generating leads, it is a great platform for launching campaigns, generating brand awareness and engaging within communities. Companies are increasingly embracing the role of social reaching out to their customers in new and exciting ways.”

It’s for these reasons and in response to the changing social landscape that OneAgency has launched a separate social media department and appointed Loren Aldridge to head it as digital content manager.

Helen continues: “As social continues to grow so do the opportunities and indeed the complexities. OneAgency is committed to being an expert in this channel and appreciates that specialist talent is necessary. Loren is a welcome addition to our OneAgency team and we believe her experience will greatly benefit our clients’ campaigns.”

Loren will be working with the client services team to devise forward-thinking digital content strategies. Loren has honed her social marketing skills in London looking after the digital and creative content and social media for itsu, a chain of over 50 sushi food outlets in London, and the digital marketing and social media campaigns for UNIQLO Europe.

Loren says: “We are faced with an ever changing digital landscape, which demands progressive thinking and the ability to adapt and embrace change. OneAgency certainly does just that. I am thrilled to be joining a team of this calibre and look forward to working with our wide range of clients.”

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