Decade of growth for OneAgency

Norwich-based integrated creative marketing agency, OneAgency, is celebrating a decade of unprecedented growth, as a new brand and website are launched.

One of the largest independent agencies in the East of England, the digitally-led firm, which also has offices in London and Cambridge, launched in December 2006.

Since then, OneAgency has acquired three other marketing agencies, grown the team from 3 to 40, has seen profit increase 10 fold from year one, and – with further growth plans already underway – is expected to exceed its predicted £2m turnover in 2017.

Managing director Mark Littlewood says that over the past 10 years, which have included the financial crisis and an uncertain economic recovery ever since, a lot has changed.

He comments: “We’ve seen the marketing landscape dramatically evolve over the last decade; a change that’s been driven by technology and digital developments. At the same time, creativity and brand messaging has become more and more valued. With these changes calling for an integrated marketing solution, we’ve had the privilege of helping businesses across many sectors through these advancements; whether that’s through branding, communications, design, website development or SEM.”

While Mark admits the ever-changing digital landscape has been both an enabler and a challenge to organisations, and that the past 10 years have been somewhat turbulent for many, during that same time, OneAgency has prospered.

Noting that a large part of his growth strategy has been reinvestment and acquisition, he adds: “Over the years we’ve both acquired companies and reinvested our profits and will continue to do so to develop the company.”

After acquiring a Norwich advertising and PR agency in 2008, in 2012 OneAgency acquired a Hertfordshire-based marketing agency, and with it, clients such as GlaxoSmithKline; the world’s sixth largest pharmaceutical company. Having moved the Hertfordshire base to Shoreditch, London, in 2014 the business went on to acquire a Cambridge-based design agency, which grew its service to clients in the Cambridge catchment area.

Following the third acquisition, Mark and his wife Helen, OneAgency’s client services director, took full ownership of the firm in 2015.

Mark adds: “The past year post management buyout has been an exciting time for OneAgency. We’ve had a successful 12 months packed full of website launches, press events, social media campaigns, print design and brand refreshes, for our clients based regionally, nationally and even further afield.

“To showcase this success and better reflect us as leaders in the digital sector, we set ourselves the challenge of developing a new website and brand refresh for the New Year.

“We’re very proud of the results. The new look mirrors our confident, modern and straight-forward way of working, while also retaining our original proposition; working as an integrated, hard-working creative team that delivers campaigns with real results.”

As well as working on a refreshed brand and website towards the end 2016, the agency has been steadily strengthening its team of specialist knowledge and expertise in house.

The past few months have seen five new hires join Norwich’s client services and website development departments, making up a team of 40 specialists offering a full range of marketing services.

“Having ended last year on a strong financial note, and noting a real rise in new business opportunities, our expanded team is well placed as business continues to grow,” Mark says.

“Keen to consider further acquisitions, particularly within the creative hub of Norwich, we’re excited to see how potential opportunities, along with our dynamic team of marketing specialists, will drive the business forwards in 2017.”