February 25, 2011

Do you have a top quality site? Google announces new algorithm

Google announced yesterday that a new search query algorithm has been released, causing a stir within the world of search marketing. This aims to reduce the number of low quality sites appearing in search results, giving the user far more relevant and useful information.

It’s not only designed to give the searcher better results, but should also be beneficial for high quality websites. Google sees it as a ‘reward’ for those sites which are of a high quality – ie, those that offer value to the user and have original content.

Google also feels this move is justified in light of the results of its recent Personal Blocklist Chrome extension. While it confirms that the algorithm hasn’t been based upon this extension, the results mirror the most blacklisted domains by nearly 85 percent.

Currently this is being rolled out only in the US, but of course it won’t be long until it we start seeing an effect on UK results. Google has promised to keep UK users’ alerted to this and any other changes that it rolls out, so watch this space!

Read the full Google Blog piece on the new algorithm