May 16, 2011

Time to engage consumers with video

Did you know that online video consumption has doubled in the space of a year? (Source: Econsultancy 2011) As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the number of prospective and current clients asking us about the marketing potential of online videos.

For ambitious clients looking for ways to attract and increase traffic to their site, keep visitors on their site for longer, encourage bookmarks or, even better, online purchases; video is a simple and cost-effective solution. If a picture can tell a thousand words, just imagine the impression a video can make!

Video adds another dimension to a website and, because of that, grabs the viewer’s attention. In an online world filled with text and pictures, all marketing new things, a well-constructed video stands out. For clients with something technical or visual, such as a recipe, to convey, a video ensures its precise delivery while at the same time presenting a personality and making the business and/or brand more approachable.

There are a variety of video types that can be utilised depending on the product, as well as the aims and objectives of the marketing campaign. Whether to promote, demonstrate, inform, entertain or provide news or user generated content (UGC), all provide another – more interactive – way of communicating with visitors.

“A well put together video can turn a complicated subject into an entertaining multimedia experience likely to be shared via viral marketing. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, together with our attachment to our mobile phones, are ideal for sharing videos. Thanks to this and search engines pushing multimedia-rich websites to the top of their rankings, video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular request among clients.”

Helen Culling, business support manager

Making a web video is not hard, but getting across the right message and feel for the brand is vital to attracting visitors and converting them into long-term customers. At, our videography services can help you plan and write your video content, direct filming and ensure the necessary ‘behind the scenes’ hosting and all-important analytics. We’ve also recently been advising clients, where appropriate, to set up a YouTube channel.

With a broad audience, far reach and capable of generating equal engagement and intent to purchase as TV, a three-minute video posted on YouTube can do as much to bolster the success of a business as other marketing communication methods. Of course the messaging and execution of the video are paramount. For maximum impact, make sure your content is entertaining and engaging, then link it to your website and spread the word – or rather, the images (something our Digital Marketing team excel in), and see what happens. We think you’ll be amazed by the results.