Google Adwords Switches to Google Ads

Out with the old… In with the new! Google has decided to rebrand several of its core products, including Google AdWords, which from 24th July will be known as ‘Google Ads’ and will have a new logo.


Google has decided to make the change from Google AdWords to Google Ads to simplify its offering and solutions for its advertising products. The new platforms will be known as Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. The aim is to help advertisers and publishers of all shapes and sizes choose the right solutions for their business objectives, making it easier to deliver valuable and trustworthy ads. In addition it aims to improve how users connect with billions of people who use the google network and partner sites.

How will it help small businesses?

Google has introduced a new campaign type in Google Ads that aims to make it simpler to get to grips with online advertising, it may seem daunting to a small business but Google is trying to make it easier!

This new type of campaign will be called ‘Smart campaigns’ and will be the new default ad type. Its aim is to reduce the time spent creating advertising campaigns and give small businesses the time to spend doing what they do best – selling!

For 90 percent of small businesses the main goal of advertising online is to get people to call, visit a store or make a purchase. Google will assist with optimising the ad campaign to achieve the best results – these ‘Smart campaigns’ are estimated to be three times better at getting an ad in front of the right people for small businesses.

Another exciting addition, Google will be adding an ‘image picker’ which gives users the opportunity to pick the best image to showcase their services or products. Three top images are selected and then google will test the combination of text and imagery to ensure the best results are achieved.

What has happened to DoubleClick?

DoubleClick has also seen a shake up in the recent changes. It was known that, for the past three years, Google had been working on integrating DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The aim is to give businesses the ability to manage their advertising in a simple but efficient way. This has now been completed and will be a single platform called ‘Google Ad Manager’. The intention behind developing Ad Manager is to help Google’s partners with making more money, more efficiently throughout the Google platforms.

The evolution of the Google advertising platforms is in preparation for the next generation of content. The digital landscape is changing and developing on a daily basis with new trends emerging from all corners of the marketing world and these key advertising platforms are now adapting to give businesses the best chance to succeed online. These changes will see stronger collaboration and make it easier to use ads and analytics together, to get real results.

Google has said that we will start to see the new changes roll out very soon, so we are hoping to see all the new platforms by the end of July.

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