March 21, 2012

10 days to go! Join our .community and make sure you’re ready for Facebook’s changes

Like it or not, at the end of the month all business Facebook pages will be changed over to the social networking site’s new ‘timeline’ format. Rather than let Facebook do an automatic – and basic – redesign of your business page come 31 March, we reckon this is the perfect opportunity to make your new page shine.

While many of us welcome yet more Facebook changes with a groan, the timeline is, to be fair, an interesting concept with some definite advantages. For example, it provides visibility to real-time activity for the first time, which brands with a lot of history can especially use to their advantage. With that in mind, we’re particularly excited to see Guinness’ new page complete, with, we hope, all its brilliant ads in all their chronological glory.

With five updates in total – cover photo, timeline for pages, admin panel, friend activity and activity log; plus new specs, reduced tab visibility and the creation of branded tabs and sections – to consider, now’s the time to get your page in order. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with an auto-update.

So if you want immediate impact, a populated timeline, promoted tabs and a well-designed call-to-action, then we, at, are geared up to help you with all these changes, whether you’re redesigning your Facebook page or need a new one built from scratch.

See how we’ve done it here, then call us, on 01603 252555 to find out how we can help you.