Make your marketing budget work harder

‘Cross channel marketing’ is the industry buzz word of the moment. Based on the principles of multi-channel marketing, it has evolved due to the view that multi-channel marketing does not benefit the bottom line as effectively as it could.

Multi-channel marketing individually targets sales routes; cross channel marketing on the other hand ensures the integration of all sales routes. Emphasis is still on sales, as well as the development of smarter merchandising procedures and greater use of customer intelligence.

It’s the clever way to speak to customers and one we’ve been supporting for some time now. By using a variety of media vehicles in a thoughtful and complementary way to reach your target consumer, you have a higher likelihood of making a connection. It also makes better use of your marketing budget. In fact one recent survey saw the same marketing spend, when effectively synchronising digital and offline advertising, lift brand awareness by eight to 34 percent; increase purchase intent by five to 1,000 percent; and dramatically increase sales (IAB’s Cross-Media Optimisation Study).

So what to do now? Well, we think you should give us a call. Because the most successful cross-channel campaigns come from diverse teams who work together from start to finish – and that’s exactly what we have here at

We collaborate with our clients to set strategy, develop big ideas, and plan execution across all media. The calls to action we develop for our clients’ campaigns may use TV, radio, print, direct marketing, and even packaging, to point consumers online where we immerse them in the brand experience. Or we ensure all leads captured online are converted. It depends on the customer we’re targeting and what we believe best suits their shopping habits, either way it works time and again.