New client inspiring us

When a project comes in and touches not only numerous departments across the agency, but also the hearts of those who work on it, well there’s nothing better than that. The case in point: redesigning the annual report and accounts for ABF – The Soldiers’ Charity, the national charity of the British Army.

The report had, according to the client, become ‘boring’ and we were approached to give the publication a lift, make it more impactful and interesting and present potentially dry information in an appealing way.

This meant a complete redesign was in order and our creative and artwork team, production department and client services all got involved.

Creativity brought to life case studies about the serving soldiers, former soldiers and their immediate families the charity has benefitted. This route fully illustrated the impact the charity could have and underlined ‘why’ the charity should be supported, in addition, bold infographics showed how the money was spent in other well deserving ways.

Fundraisers and their activities had their moment and a section on the financial highlights made way for the number crunch. The statutory auditor’s report – those all-important figures – were given clarity with a design treatment of their own and space on the page to breathe ensuring they could be easily digested.

Liz Cooper, our head of PR, says: “This project became inspiring for everyone to work on. You couldn’t help but be motivated to do your best work when you’re reading the case studies about how the charity benefits its soldiers or the activities of the amazing people who support the charity in such innovative and sometimes physically exhausting ways, or how the money being raised is being spent to bring such benefit.”

The result is an annual report which thanks to its clean, fresh look has “moved the charity into the 21st Century”, according to a very satisfied client.

Liz concludes by explaining how the success of this project has also led to the agency being asked to use its design expertise across a suite of literature for the charity:

“In addition to the annual report and consolidated accounts, we were also asked to give the organisation’s annual review a facelift, as well as restyling the charity’s key fundraising event The Big Curry.”

To see the work we did on the annual report and accounts click here.

To see the work we did on the annual review click here.