July 22, 2011

Offline offering proves too tempting for one client

Offline offering proves too tempting

Premier Sport, a new client at the end of last year, appointed us to design and build a new website as well as overseeing CRM integration to help grow the business. Since then the campaign has evolved to include a complete re-brand.

Observing our digital creative process led Premier Sport to rethink its current offline strategy. This move resulted in asking us to commission research into the brand’s positioning and develop a new identity.

To maintain brand recognition, the re-design focussed on refreshing the existing look and giving it ‘movement’. The final logo is modern, distinct and communicates a strong, forward-thinking message to its audience. Feedback so far confirms that the logo is favoured for its simplicity and ability to stand out strongly in all situations.

Premier Sport has its own studio so we provided them with a detailed set of branding and design guidelines – a tool kit – to enable the in-house team to roll out the new look across all  collateral. And they know we’re always on the end of the phone to offer support if needed.

“Premier Sport is a great example of a client who signed up for our digital expertise and was so impressed with our creativity across the board that they re-assessed their brand and appointed us in an offline capacity too. We aim to meet all our clients’ requirements and in the case of Premier Sport, with its in-house studio team, we knew how important design guidelines with an emphasis on ‘how-to’ would be. By providing them with this guide we can ensure that the brand guidelines are adhered to and the brand’s integrity enhanced.”
Mark Littlewood, managing director

The re-brand continues to gain positive feedback. Our digital work with the client continues and we have been provided with a brilliant case study into the benefits of implementing a successful flexible working relationship between client and agency.


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