One week, five stories #3

It’s that time of the week again; marketing news never disappoints. See our compilation of the top marketing and social news this week:

Minimalism is everywhere, even in your favourite fast-food chain

McDonald’s France has embraced minimalism in its brand-new ad campaign. With 64 variants of the campaign, these billboard ads use chips to simply guide drivers to their nearest McDonald’s drive-thru. This witty ad campaign intends to show that it’s always easy to recognise and get to your favourite fast-food chain. This simple yet effective campaign, is the clear sign, that once again, less is more!

Instagram hiding likes, maybe not such a good idea after all?

The social media platform’s decision to remove the number of likes on its content first sounded like a great idea. But a lot of teenagers and young people clearly don’t seem to see the potential benefits of this trial. Many younger users have now converted their personal profiles into business accounts in order to be able to access the engagement data of their posts. When converting into a business account, their personal information, such as their email address and telephone numbers, are shown on their profile, putting them at risk. Let’s see what Instagram’s next move is going to be: to ignore, give up this trial, or find a way for people to verify their business profile in order to avoid this from happening?

More thorough reporting to market even better

Google has decided to launch a more unified reporting solution, to help marketers improve their customer experience. Before web and app analytics were two separate things, now Google has created a new and unified property that allows marketers to combine app and web data to enhance their reporting and analysis. This new property could be essential for marketers to better understand their customers’ paths and behaviour, in order to improve the experience they provide and eventually convert.

Get ready for the new life-changing Instagram tools

Instagram finally listened to our prayers and now scheduling your posts in advance is now possible. Any good marketer knows that following a content plan is essential for a successful social strategy, and planning your posts in advance can be a real time-saver. Go to Facebook Creator Studio on desktop or mobile where you’ll find a new Instagram dashboard to plan and manage your Instagram posts in a few clicks. This dashboard means convenience for marketers and finally having access to data insights on desktop, which can be preferable when creating data reports to measure an account’s performance. So get your social calendars ready and get going!

Will Snapchat rise from the ashes?

The ‘stories creator’, Snapchat, is hitting hard with its major new ad campaign. The ads from the campaign named ‘Real Friends’ can be seen everywhere on New York billboards, Spotify and even on their first competitor, Instagram. Indeed, Snapchat paid Instagram users to post quotes from the campaign on their Instagram account, clearly taunting their first rival on its ground. This new global marketing campaign is aiming to celebrate Snapchat all over the world and promote it as being the best platform to communicate with friends. We should see very soon if this invasive marketing strategy pays off.