One week, five stories #8

Discover the best keywords for your ads’ campaigns

When creating a campaign on Google Ads, you would often get many different recommendations from the giant to help you enhance your campaign. But, no more as Google has decided to update its system of recommended keywords to improve their relevancy. Now, Google Ads will only recommend keywords that can really be beneficial for your account. These recommendations will be easier to understand and apply. Users will now be able to see how their optimisation score could change depending on the different recommendations or to sort them by largest or smallest optimisation opportunity.

Reddit ups its game to welcome more social marketers

With 330 million monthly active users, Reddit is a growing platform welcoming very diversified communities. Aware of its growth and increasing importance on the web, Reddit has decided to improve its video ads experience for users and marketers. This improvement includes a new landing page on mobile, allowing more branding and engagement opportunities for advertisers, as well as a seamless viewing experience for users. For some, Reddit may not be their first choice when it comes to social media platforms, however, businesses should consider investing in this booming and passionate platform if they want to reach a new audience that can’t be found elsewhere.

KitKat goes luxe

Today, many brands have an alternative premium offering. Nestlé has jumped on the bandwagon, launching a luxury, handcrafted, custom KitKat. Chocolate aficionados may be thrilled by the possibility to design their very own personalised KitKat, choosing from 1,500 flavour combinations, but many have questioned, ‘is it a step too far’? Should we take a break from ‘premiumisation’? In the UK, the KitKat is known to be a simple and affordable snack, whereas this new luxury bar is priced at £14. Will the brand see success and reach new markets? Or is this simply a great gifting idea for the Christmas period? Time will tell. 

Should brands rely more and more on IGTV?

As Instagram continues its conquest of the e-commerce market, businesses and content creators will be able to set ‘Branded Content Tags’ for IGTV. This new feature aims to facilitate collaboration between brands and content creators, helping them improve engagement with their audiences and also increase demands and interests for their products in IGTV. It also shows Instagram’s strong will to develop IGTV’s potential and to promote it as a new necessity for businesses wanting to grow their community online and to even facilitate sales.

What’s the future of the travel industry?

The bankruptcy and liquidation of Thomas Cook last week marked the end of an era. Many are wondering what the future holds for the travel and tourism industry. Skyscanner, the famous travel search site, decided to undergo a significant brand repositioning to better answers the interests and needs of today’s society. Skyscanner new marketing campaign focuses on modernity and sustainability, accompanying the travellers throughout their whole trip, inspiring them and advising them on new and more environmentally friendly ways to travel. This rebranding also aims to better fit with the mobile-first trend, helping consumers interact with the brand more efficiently through mobile devices. Doing so, Skyscanner shows that when closely following the trends and shifts in society, the travel industry can be modern and alive as ever!