One week, five stories

There are so many marketing and social media updates across the web that we thought we’d do the hard work for you. Stay connected with our weekly news bites:

A plethora of awards

Cannes not only welcomes and rewards actors, actresses and film directors. Each year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity welcomes professionals working in creative communication, advertising and marketing. During this event, 11,000 participants from 90 different countries, discuss industry issues and outcomes and assist in multiple award ceremonies. This year, the Grand Prix winners include Nike, Burger King, Carrefour and Ikea and many other very well-known and smaller brands. See the other winners and their work following this link.

After the Instagram Checkout, welcome Facebook’s digital wallet

Social media attempts to conquer e-commerce continue! Facebook is planning to launch its digital e-wallet, Calibra, next year. Just like Instagram checkout, users will now be able to buy products directly on the platform, without having to leave the social platform and go on the vendor’s website. With this new feature, Facebook wants to become an important player in e-commerce as well as driving more ad business generated revenue. Find out more about the company plans here.

Scammers and spam all over Google Maps

About 11 million illegitimate local listings can be found on Google Maps, negatively impacting local businesses as they appear further down the search result lists. Google confirms that it is planning to take care of this issue. However, many local businesses and marketers are growing increasingly frustrated, as they consider Google should have taken this problem seriously from the very start. How did Google get into this situation and what is the impact? See the article.

Yet again a new upcoming change/update for Google Ads?

SemRush spotted advert text in a ‘carousel’ format on mobile. Although this has not been confirmed by Google yet, it is worth thinking of the new strategies and implications this new format could lead to. Would it be a way to make advertisers pay more or a necessary change due to the increase in advertising volumes? Find out more.

Post on social media, yes, but at the right time!

Sprout has released its annual report on the best times to post on each social media platform to get the best results. Social media keeps changing and that’s why businesses and social marketers need to stay attentive and always study users’ behaviour to get the most from their social channels and posts. See this extensive study to find out what are the best times and days to post on social media, depending on your goals and the platforms you are using.