September 20, 2012

Our top tips for tactical PPC success

PPC — Pay Per Click — advertising has evolved rapidly, and many marketers are missing using it as a primary tactic for value proposition testing, speedy lead generation, and SEO insights.

We’ve achieved some great results recently through tactical PPC campaigns for clients such as Floors-2-Go who, through two-months of tactical mid-week and weekend supporting campaigns (such as free delivery), has seen a 62 percent increase in website generated revenue. And thus thought we’d share some of our experience for success.

Before we start though let’s breakdown the common misconception that to be effective PPC needs a big budget. Not true. Obviously the more money you throw at something the more chance you have of it achieving good results. But tactical PPC campaigns can be developed on relatively small budgets to extract specific information.

The real joy of a tactical PPC campaign is that it can be turned on and off to meet objectives, budgets and consumer demand. If necessary, an effective PPC campaign can be quickly pulled together to meet a changing business environment and react to breaking news and unexpected opportunities.

So who should run a PPC campaign? Should this be an area you’re maximising on and – for whatever reason – aren’t? Basically, if your website uses an e-commerce platform, we’d advise you run a PPC campaign.

Here are our top tips:

  • Know the audience you want to target and create highly targeted ad groups with corresponding landing pages. If you get the click-through from a business, the landing page should be an extension of what they clicked.
  • Align your PPC campaigns with your blogging/SEO efforts and social media strategies. Make use of the same keywords, phrases and themes within these.
  • Measure your results and track click-through rate, cost per click, traffic from search and inbound links. From this you’ll see the keywords or ads that generate the most leads and sales and can use the results to make positive adjustments to the campaign.

If you’ve never implemented a PPC campaign – or haven’t for a while – we suggest you consider now the benefit of a tactical PPC campaign to drive Christmas sales (especially if you’re an online retailer). This will have the two-fold effect of boosting brand awareness and driving quality relevant traffic to your site. Going forward the most successful key phrases of the campaign can be targeted through organic SEO (in the new year perhaps) to eventually replace the pay per click campaign. What a good way to see in 2013!

Why not contact us today to see how we can help you with a tactical PPC campaign?