Reporting – a key component for success

Monthly website management and monitoring is an essential part of ensuring your digital marketing is working efficiently and meeting your targets. It is also key to identifying potential issues and seasonality traits. Whether these targets are to drive increased web traffic to your site, or getting calls to actions working more effectively or simply selling more products or services: monthly reporting can give you measurable updates identifying how well your site is performing. Well, that’s what our monthly reports do, but they need to be studied and acted on for continued success.

Reports are developed and written by our digital marketing team who will help to decode information about traffic and behaviour and advise clients how to use the information to improve website performance and develop it further.

Being an integrated agency, we are able to turn these findings into positive actions. Through further development of your website, refining user experience, creating new and relevant content and developing campaign work, we can help businesses meet their objectives online.

What will I get out of a report?

Reporting in digital marketing includes detailed information about website traffic, audience behaviour and results gained through your website (see examples below). Putting numbers to all of this is a clear way to show how your marketing investment is performing, as well as providing clearly actionable ways to further develop and improve your marketing and online offering. The report helps you measure performance or progress towards a certain target, such as sales leads generated or how well a call to action is performing.

You can expect to see essential information on how your website is performing, such as:

Where web traffic comes from

Knowing which mediums (campaigns, PPC, Social, Eshots)  are driving traffic to your website helps inform your understanding of your markets needs and interests. It can pinpoint areas that are performing and which activities need improvement. For example, when drilling down into your site analytics, it may become clear that a specific traffic source is driving better quality traffic to the site, with a higher conversion rate – this kind of insight should play a huge part of the decision making process when reviewing ad spend and marketing costs online.

What the traffic does

The analysis also covers audience behaviour once they’ve reached your site. This can highlight any blips where your site may be difficult to navigate, whilst also showing if calls to action are working as they should be. For example a drop in conversions means many things must be reviewed – are there any site errors? Is there an issue with user experience and CTAs across the site? Looking to acquisition channels, has there been a change in traffic sources, or could there be an issue with ad copy driving traffic to the site? Or in the case of an e-commerce site, it’s crucial to review the product offering – is it still relevant to your audience?

If you are trying to convert web visits into purchases, our reporting will highlight which parts of your website are driving this and allow you to make informed changes for improved performance.

Whether your site is loading quickly

Page load times have a significant impact on how well a website retains its audience. Monthly monitoring of your site speed ensures that any new content or pages on your site are performing correctly and not slowing your site down. And once identified can be rectified before doing long term damage.

User behaviour

Understand which pages visitors are bouncing from and which are performing well. How long does a visitor stay on site? How many pages do they view? What is the best performing entry page? We can also provide heat map analysis to help understand how a page is actually used. Once you have this data following good practice and mimicking top performing pages, it is a much a easier programme.

Site Issues

Running our website crawls allows us to pick up issues with your website – broken links / images / pages, duplicate content, non optimised pages, non secure pages and assets. We can advise on how to fix these or if you take up a retainer with OneAgency, we can fix them for you.

Our reporting in digital marketing gives us and you the information necessary to further develop your website. The reports inform further campaigns and tactical promotions, as well as continuing to work towards achieving better site performance and outcomes, such as more lead generations or higher sales. A website needs to have constant monitoring, tweaking and a lot of care if it is to perform to its potential in a very crowded marketplace. In this case data really is key…

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