September 2, 2010

SMEs investing in marketing

Recent research by Marketing Week shows that small and medium-sized businesses are investing an increasing amount of their budgets in marketing and, in particular, direct marketing.

“This research proves that in these testing economic times marketing is seen as an essential part of survival. Businesses are thinking more strategically about how to increase the reach of their messaging and compete more effectively in the marketplace. An integrated media marketing campaign is crucial for that.”

Tara Mallinson, client services director

According to the findings of the last Marketing GAP Report, 38 percent of consumers state direct mail as their preferred means of communication from companies (specifically retail and B2B), showing a six percent increase. This is not surprising – direct mail makes a very good cut-through; despite being more expensive to use than digital channels, you are likely to achieve greater stand-out because fewer people are using it to communicate with customers.

Having recently undertaken two DM projects for our client Celotex, we attribute the success of a DM campaign to the personalisation of the mail, the implementation of an attention grabbing idea and an incentive to ensure response. From sending out ‘perfect partner’ incentives to win fish and chips for the office to the chance to win a weekend at the Ice Hotel in Sweden, each DM project for the client received a respective 15 and 16 percent response rate within a month.

“We’re still awaiting feedback on conversion rates but with a 1-3 percent response rate considered ‘solid’, we have ensured through our creativity that our client’s messages have been exposed to an exceptionally high number of potential customers.”

Tara Mallinson, client services director