August 7, 2014

Soaring to new heights at GoApe!

We were invited by the GoApe team to take on its tree-mendous tree-topped challenge last week, and never one to back down from a challenge, Friday saw the agency shut up shop early to swing through Thetford Forest.

We zipped across great heights, jumped tiny walkways, leapt into nets and balanced on wooden podiums suspended high up in the tree canopies, before landing back on earth exhilarated and exhausted, and in need of a good feed!

Fun-aside, the challenge gave us the opportunity to see our summer #mymonkeyselfie campaign for GoApe implemented around the course and it looked great, says our client services director Helen Littlewood:

“We were appointed by GoApe following a competitive pitch to design and launch its new summer campaign. The campaign is based around an unusual take on the ‘selfie’ craze and asks people to have fun channeling their best monkey face.

“The six-week competition is already generating a great response and to see the creative on staff uniforms, in selfie spots around the course and on the exits was really exciting.”

Our team (when they weren’t soaring to new heights at GoApe of course) developed a mobile responsive, dedicated platform to allow participants to upload their #mymonkeyselfie to the competition website Here participants can find all details regarding the competition – entry and prizes – and a gallery of monkey faces, where pointing and laughing is actively encouraged!

(Why not get involved? Your inner Bonobo, Capuchin or Marmoset could win you some great prizes!)

With the concept being activity shared and social media engagement high the competition is off to a great start.

So back to our afternoon of monkeying around, we’d like to say a massive thank you to the GoApe team. From the minute we arrived – through safety (green clip to green toggle!) training to whizzing around the course in the tree tops or on segways and our well-earned certificates at the end – it was an adrenaline-charged, fun-filled afternoon, concluded perfectly with a bus trip back for a BBQ in the sunshine at our lovely Sarah’s house.