June 4, 2018

The integrated approach to digital marketing: Seven things to consider

Gone are the days when SEO tactics single-handedly defined a successful digital marketing strategy. Today, multiple disciplines must work hand-in-hand to bring a business, charity or commercial brand to life in the online space. To drive valuable traffic to your website and to see ever-improving conversion rates (be it an online sale, or enquiry form submission), it is paramount that multiple customer touchpoints are carefully considered, creating seamless and consistent brand experiences.

Here at OneAgency we realise the importance of an integrated marketing strategy and this is where we see the biggest successes for our clients. Our senior digital marketing executive, Scott Aldridge, shares seven things you must consider when developing your digital marketing strategy.

1. Define your brand

First things first, you need to ensure your brand has been clearly defined and conveys a message that can be used consistently across online and offline platforms. Through research, positioning and development, a successful brand can be created. We find that the most successful brands have considered absolutely all areas and haven’t simply just created a logo. Your brand is the essence of what you will be trying to convey for the foreseeable future and you want it to not only catch the eye, but also capture hearts and minds.

2. Track your progress

The main driver behind Digital Marketing is the learning process. Tracking data through your website analytics and marketing tools allows you to gain a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t to help you operate effectively. Ensure that you monitor your progress, review any issues that may arise and make suitable changes to your website or business systems.

3. Provide the best possible online user experience

It is common that certain areas of your website will have been neglected and may see high bounce and/or exit rates. The best thing you can do is address these issues with a creative team, that are able to analyse the UX design and how they can improve it – this should see a turnaround in events. This analysis will include looking at a website page layout to see if: there are clear calls to action, the quality of the content is engaging and the overall message you are trying to convey is conveyed throughout different areas of the site. As well as this analysis, your website speed will need to be monitored, using tools like the Google PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix. These can help highlight any speed issues and then you can take action. When a new user experience has been designed it’s then time for developers to ‘get their code on’ and implement this within a website’s front end, for example redesigning a navigation menu on the homepage of a website, or redeveloping the basket checkout process to make it user friendly and easy to complete a purchase.

4. Keep on top of website health

SEO is an ever changing entity and it’s not just the case of finding some keywords and trying to target terms in your website page copy. You need regular relevant content, external and internal links to suitable websites, SSL encryption, title tags and meta descriptions, just to name a few. Duplicate content needs to be monitored, as this will, without a doubt, have some impact on the way you rank online. By targeting quality users you will ensure that you are attracting the right people to your website from external sources.You need to check that your offsite messaging directs these people to the correct website landing pages. One way of making sure you are addressing these issues is to employ our digital services. Our retainer includes standard website checks and crawls in order to identify any issues or potential warnings on a website and then make recommendations as the best way to put things right.

5. Fresh, relevant and attractive content is a must

Creating content that is enthusiastically written and beautifully designed plays a key part in keeping your website, brand, promotions and messaging fresh. Content can be shared across multiple platforms; social channels, your website, video platforms, television, publications, podcasts etc. Regular, carefully planned content that is supported with compelling creative keeps your brand alive – ensuring your messaging is up to date. Make sure you’re crafting tailored content for specific platforms and over time, gradually watch your audience grow and business boom.

6. The grind doesn’t stop

When you think that all of your work is done, think again. It’s time to move onto the next big thing and stay ahead of the curve. Things are always changing in the digital landscape, and with so many advancements in web, search and social (to name a few), it’s important that all areas of your marketing strategy are kept up-to-date. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works best for your business – monitor trends, news, your competitors and industry. Here at OneAgency, in all departments and disciplines, we pro-actively recommend new ways to improve our clients ongoing marketing strategies and keep their businesses moving forward.

7. A parting note – do not just rely on organic search

The old age myth of organic search being the most reliable and successful source of online website traffic is inaccurate. There are a multitude of other ways to reach a relevant audience, whether you are targeting returning visitors, or a new audience altogether. Experimenting with PPC, Google Shopping, display, remarketing & paid social should all be part and parcel of your online marketing strategy. Talking to your email database is extremely useful, especially if you have a high quality list of customers or clients who have opted-in, confirming that they are happy to be marketed to. Talking to this loyal audience with targeted, relevant offers and insightful content, provides you with more opportunity to re-engage with existing customers, with the aim to grow your business.

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By adopting an integrated marketing strategy you have the ability to utilise a wide range of high quality disciplines across creative, brand identity, digital marketing, website development, social and PR. Whatever your marketing need is, taking a fully integrated approach means that you are able to prioritise and plan effectively in order to reach your businesses goals online. Read more about our integrated services, or simply get in touch! You can call us on 01603 252555 or fill in a contact form.