March 9, 2018

We’re supporting National Apprenticeship Week!

We’re delighted to announce we’re supporting National Apprenticeship Week and specifically Norwich City College’s Apprenticeship Scheme in our search for our next new recruit.

We’re big advocates of the benefit fresh young talent can bring to an agency and an industry like ours.

We’ve long supported the University of East Anglia’s internship scheme and seen first-hand how graduates bring fresh insight to a company and make for bright, enthusiastic employees.

It was therefore an easy decision to make to support Norwich City College’s Apprentice Scheme when the need arose for a reception and administration role here at our city centre Norwich HQ. It just so happens the timing was fortuitous that it coincided with National Apprentice Week!

Not that we needed any persuading that this was a fantastic route to untapped potential, but had we, the 11th National Apprenticeship Week would have easily done the job. A week-long celebration in which employers and apprentices from across the country showcase the crucial role apprenticeships play in helping young people realise their potential as they learn and earn, and provide employers like us with the skilled workforce we need.

Helen Littlewood, client services director, says: “We’re well aware we work in an industry that is widely considered to be popular, competitive and desirable. We’re also aware that as one of the biggest and most established full-service marketing agencies in the East of England, we’re in a position to offer an apprentice a fantastic pathway to a great career.

“This role will offer practical experience for a bright and confident person. They will learn from, and be mentored by, an experienced office manager. They will be given responsibilities to complement their learning, and work to expand their skill set.

“Giving young people an opportunity like this will likely serve as a win-win for both them and us. We’ve certainly had great success with similar, such as internships, in the past, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming our new apprentice to the team.”

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