September 24, 2014

Matt Cutts’ Holiday, HTTP Abandonment & ‘Tribes’

Facebook “Tribes”? Have We Devolved?

For those of us in the marketing industry, the term “tribe” has surfaced recently in regards to social media. While this may seem a bit out of place in such a high-tech world, the fact of the matter is that “tribes” are nothing more than the buyer (or follower) persona of a certain page. So when this word pops up within the blog of a marketing guru, rest assured that you have not missed the boat on some new form of marketing advancement.

HTTPS: Taking Security a Step Forward

Many sites have been migrating to the more secure protocol of HTTPS. When this movement began in early August, many webmasters were concerned in terms of the amount of errors and lost traffic that may occur as an ancillary effect. Thankfully, this has not been the case and organic traffic has only been slightly affected (and likely a temporary issue). The main stumbling blocks seem to centre more around coding changes and URL modification. However, greater amounts of dropped traffic have been noted within Yahoo! and Bing. Perhaps another reason to focus more on Google?

Matt Cutts on Four-Month Holiday While Penguin 3 Looms

Webmasters and site owners alike have been eagerly anticipating the much-awaited launch of the latest Penguin update. Meanwhile, Matt Cutts has been enjoying what many believe to be a much-needed four-month holiday. While speculation is still rampant, we can obviously expect little from Mr. Cutts until his return. However, as traffic fluctuations are more frequent and those within Google (such as webmaster John Mueller) admit that they are well along the way in releasing this new update, we will continue to wait for further details. Although this update is likely to revolve heavily around organic search improvements, only time will tell what appears in the (very) near future.