September 15, 2014

Google’s Penguin, Authorship tagging, smarter Drive…

12th September 2014

As the kids are heading back to school and we are once again exchanging our beloved holidays for the work week, it should be no surprise that the world of marketing and digital content is shifting into “high gear”. We look into the latest trends upcoming news.

Penguin Marching Forward?

Many analysts feel that Google may be getting ready for another round of Penguin updates. Of course, this is difficult to know with any certainty but chatter is already rising within the forums. This is most apparent through an increase in ranking volatility; a clear precursor for what may very well be an algorithmic change in the days and weeks ahead. Still, this may not be as major of an update as some think. It could simply be a gradual process that will take place over a longer period of time. As always, Google will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Going Anonymous: Authorship Status Removed from Results Pages

Google has recently removed all authorship attributions on their search engine results pages. While some have criticised this move and claimed that linking to sites such as Google+ would suffer, others have taken a more conservative approach. In fact, many webmasters failed to adopt this feature and some even claimed that it was a distraction. Another fundamental reason is thought to be that pay-per-click rates were suffering. So, authorship removals may very well be nothing more than the result of a failed marketing experiment and nothing more.

Google Drive Getting Smarter

Wingdings and other special characters have been around for decades and the most savvy designers and freelance writers will often incorporate these visual gadgets into their texts. However, it has always been difficult to access special symbols and in fact, some may not even be aware of the sheer number that exist. Thanks to an update in Google Drive, users can now draw a likeness of a character using nothing more than their mouse. Thereafter, Google will present the most relevant items to be chosen. So, creating that unique and catchy text has just gotten even easier!

A Chilly Campaign Worth its Exposure

It has recently been announced that the famous ice bucket challenge against ALS has raised well over one hundred million dollars worldwide. What started out as a rather obscure trend weeks ago may now very well be the most viral campaign in the digital age. With nearly five million mentions on Twitter as an example, the closest phenomenon in recent times was the Harlem Shake; now all but a distant memory. If nothing else, the ice bucket challenge illustrates the power of a clever video and how social media circles can influence millions of individuals from across every continent on the planet.

The Continuing Rise of Pinterest

Many marketing gurus have noted that the number of Pinterest users is on the rise. Why is this the case? It seems that companies are beginning to further recognise the power of graphics and images in their publicity campaigns. We have specifically witnessed enterprises that offer services (such as financial advisers) employ this tool. By using flow charts, infographics and other mechanisms, the user can better understand the concept in question. Much like SlideShare, ideas are conveyed quickly and with minimal textual “fluff”. Indeed, it looks as if this trend is set to continue as more companies join the Pinterest bandwagon.

These are some of the latest updates and trends to be found within the digital world. As such movements consistently continue to evolve, keeping abreast of this activity is key for anyone interested in the power of the online marketplace.