March 1, 2011

Mobile marketing influencing fashion and business

Want to know what the most coveted fashion item was this winter among the ladies of our office? Juicy Couture’s recently launched leather gloves, complete with the tips of the thumb and first finger cut off. Yes, that’s right – gloves specifically designed for texting!

Style suitable for surfing?! Fashion embracing Facebook?! While most of us shrieked ‘at last!’ and got busy internet shopping, some of us spared a moment’s thought to the role the mobile – particularly SMS – plays in the lives of consumers these days…

The fact that fashion is embracing mobile usage in its latest clothing designs just goes to show that texting is here to stay. It is ingrained in our society and culture, with our reliance and love of all things mobile growing more and more each day as apps from the humblest iPhone feature to social media juggernauts like Facebook continue to integrate with SMS.

As such, it’s safe to say that this is the calm before the storm with regards to mobile marketing. At the moment it remains a largely untapped marketing route. But as our love affair with our phones flourishes, more brands are set to embrace this marketing opportunity and thus drive competition forward at a rapid rate.

Because of the buzz about phones, lots of our clients are asking us about the merits of mobile marketing. We’re convinced it’s well worth considering within the marketing mix. Mobile reaches a broad audience, is cost effective and interactive. The latest statistics are also persuasive. For example, nearly one in every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on a mobile device, and six in every 10 consumers expect their mobile internet use to increase significantly over the next two years. (Source: Universal McCann.)

The best mobile marketing creates a surround-sound effect: cross-channel integration, an interesting dialogue to stimulate two way conversation and an easy, direct route back to the brand.

Get it right and your mobile marketing campaign can work hand-in-hand with your wider marketing endeavours.