November 11, 2011

The future is mobile

A recent survey by Barclays Corporate into the future of m-commerce has drawn two significant conclusions. It’s no surprise to hear the first is that m-commerce is set to be big, the surprise for many could be just how big.

The study of approximately 3,000 consumers reported in newmediaage revealed m-commerce spend is poised to hit £1.35bn this year with the industry worth 15 times that amount in 10 years.

Spearheading this growth are the supermarkets. Mobile apps, such as Tesco Groceries app, fuel demand for grocery shopping via smartphones and Asda and Sainsbury’s haven’t been left behind either with both launching their first transactional mobile properties. The study also forecast that fashion will emerge as an m-commerce winner over the next decade.

Mark Littlewood,’s MD, comments on the report: “M-commerce is having the most significant impact on consumer purchasing behaviour since e-commerce and its future looks positive from pretty much every angle. The popularity of Smartphones increases daily with users becoming more confident of using and buying through them. As it stands 15 percent of all search queries take place on mobile devices and around 7 percent of all paid-search clicks in the UK are made through Smartphones.

“The launch of the iPhone 4S will further cement the future of m-commerce. Savvy retailers are adapting to this and incorporating m-commerce into their multi-channel marketing. Significant success comes when using m-commerce to link physical stores to online.” is currently developing mobile solutions for several forward thinking clients who wish to embrace this new channel. We’ll update you with their launch successes in due course.