We’ve been making an impact with online video marketing

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Online video is the marketer’s digital asset. Since Google acquired YouTube six years ago the rate at which the online advertising and digital marketing landscape has evolved has surprised even those involved in the industry.

The New York Times recently said: “Online video is becoming a first stop for many customers. It is akin to what the Web page was a decade ago, something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements.”

It’s hard to know whether this is due to the increase in content-marketing strategies. In more simple terms, consumers are lapping up online videos, whether for practical or entertainment value, or both. There’s also an undeniable trend for making and sharing such content, among individuals as well as businesses. But, whatever the reasons, it’s relevant to what we do and how we recommend our clients are more efficient with their digital assets.

It’s something we’ve been incorporating, where relevant, into our clients’ brand strategies for some time, the most recent being for our client Hamilton. With its extensive product range serving the differing needs of DIYers, professional painters, decorators and builders, online video enables this client to demonstrate products, techniques and methods in a more engaging way.

The considerable job of creating 12 how-to video guides for choosing, cleaning and storing paintbrushes and rollers, brush techniques, cutting-in, painting ceilings, and painting pitfalls to avoid (among many!) took the talented team of actor-come-technical manager, brand managers and camera crew two days.

The results are looking fantastic and allow Hamilton to provide an alternative way to communicate with its customers and add value to their relationship with the brand. As well as providing the perfect medium for Hamilton to further deliver on its core brand values of excellence though insight and relationships.

See here how Hamilton will deliver a highly-targeted message via online video marketing and then call us on 01603 252555 to see how we can help you do the same.