October 13, 2014

World-Wide Audience for Our Design

When Xyntéo wanted to shake things up by using a new creative agency and ensuring the materials for its annual meeting had a distinctive look and feel they turned to oneagency.co.

The Performance Theatre is an annual meeting for CEOs, chairmen and world-class thinkers and leaders, drawn from across disciplines, philosophies, industries and geographies that aims to inspire the leadership needed to build a new kind of growth, capable of creating longer-term value for both shareholders and society as a whole.

According to Xyntéo the theatres are known for their printed programmes and support materials. But this year there was extra interest in the materials because of the pride in the theatre being hosted in Xyntéo’s home country and the high-profile partners/people attending.

So when 2014 Nobel Peace prize winner and educational activist Malala Yousafzai addressed the audience it was in front of a oneagency backdrop.

Using the strength of the theme – Leadership with a human purpose – the eye device – representing the human lens viewing the challenges of leadership was central to the design solution.

The eye device was also the perfect solution for the support materials having the flexibility and impact to work as a single image. All images and links were incorporated in The Performance Theatre website, www.theperformancetheatre.com also designed and built by oneagency.co.

A delighted client who appreciated all the hard work and effort put in to the project to deliver a first class solution on time that had the desired impact and required freshness of creative thought. “Everyone is thrilled with the programme,” was the initial comment and the audience was equally impressed, with members of the Xyntéo team being complimented on the look and feel of the event.