Combining heritage and modernity for Kitsons and SIG

The brief

The Kitsons name is synonymous with technical insulation in the UK. So much so, in fact, that ten years after being rebranded as SIG Technical Insulation, research found unprompted recall for Kitsons to be higher. So, in 2023, it was time to bring Kitsons back! We wanted to capitalise on this goodwill and bolster Kitsons’ reputation as an industry specialist as well as giving it a modern twist that better reflects the current offering and the benefits of being backed by SIG plc. 

OneAgency was tasked with updating the logo, drafting a new set of brand guidelines, and creating a whole suite of materials – from direct mailers to van livery – in time for SIG’s announcement of the name change at the industry’s TICA event, just 8 weeks away!

A variety of images showing the brand guidelines for Kitsons

Logo design

We had to find the balance between heritage, retaining the equity in the brand elements, and modernising them. At the same time, we needed to consider the relationship to the parent brand, SIG. 

Brand book

OneAgency’s designers, content team and planning team worked closely with the client to define the brand charter, tone of voice and design elements for the brand, delivering several iterations that brought together feedback from a number of client stakeholders. 

Our designers not only created a set of brand assets, but also a full suite of on- and offline deliverables that explored how the assets could be used in different formats – everything from letterhead to merchandise examples and from PoS to social ads.

The front cover of the Kitsons price list book alongside brand colours
Kitsons branding on a piece of clothing alongside a framed poster

Direct mail

With the TICA event in September being t=0 for the announcement, we created a set of direct mail pieces for tier 1, 2, and 3 clients that were to arrive with Kitsons’ customers the morning after the event. 

For the key customers in tier 1, the client wanted to create a high-value piece that would be retained by recipients. We created a bespoke box that housed a set of golf balls in a custom tray which sat atop a 6PP roll-fold leaflet. This, in turn, sat on a Moleskin notebook with a debossed Kitsons ‘K’ logo lozenge, complete with a Parker ballpoint in the pen loop.  

The contents of a box created for key customers of Kitsons
The exterior of the Kitsons client box on a wooden surface

The results

Working together, the Kitsons team and OneAgency managed to beat the clock, hitting the print deadlines and delivering all materials on time. Meanwhile, at the TICA event, the announcement of the reintroduction of the Kitsons brand received applause from the industry. We now look forward to an exciting phase two.