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Decades of experience providing Reesink Turfcare cutting-edge marketing solutions

No marketing agency has worked longer in the turfcare sector than us. Our partnership with Reesink and Toro is over 35 years long, giving us an unrivalled understanding of the market.

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With decades of continuous experience behind us, we know this audience like the back of our hands. We know the people in the industry – the media, associations, brands, businesses, and the customers – and most importantly we understand our client like it’s our own business and produce great work together.

To be called a ‘partner’ to Reesink’s business is an honour we don’t take lightly. That title sees us forever looking at the ways to develop, progress and stay ahead of the competition with ground-breaking ideas, new technologies, methods, and routes to market, which in turn makes us the agency to beat in this sector.

It’s a pleasure to work along such a supportive and personable team. OneAgency brings years of experience of working on the Reesink account and they are proactive with their ideas and initiatives as well as providing consistently high quality work for our advertising, PR, websites and social media across all the Reesink divisions. The close working relationships we have developed and the synergy this brings gives great results, it’s a real partnership.

Gillian Haverson Marketing and Communications Manager, Reesink UK

Reeinventing and Reefreshing Reesink’s creative

There’s no sitting still when it comes to creative solutions and that’s certainly the case for our work with Reesink.

For decades, we’ve created high impact creative and striking product adverts that catch the eye and leap off the page. Take Toro for example. Whether it’s the fine turf and sports machinery, the more heavy-duty groundscare range, parts or irrigation, they all create beautiful spaces, and we believe the adverts used to promote them should do so too.

We do this by working closely with stakeholders, year after year, to understand what matters most for the brand and customers and then guide the creative look and feel to be fresh, modern, and innovative, while remaining true to core values.

The results are memorable campaigns. Campaigns that immediately resonate with Reesink’s strong line-up of innovative essential turfcare machinery and equipment delivered through an unwavering resolve and desire to excel in back up support and service.

An open booklet showing a page on irrigation
A digital street sign showing a Reesink Turfcare advert
A mockup image of a Reesink flyer

Copy that cuts through

When it comes to keeping Reesink and its associated brands front-of-mind as it continues to lead the sector and grow market share is an all-encompassing strategy that combines a progressive PR-led campaign, media relations and content marketing.

Our aims are simple: to work closely with media, editors, and independent journalists to put great content in front of targeted audiences, to write valuable online content that’s carefully optimised  to drive organic traffic, and create engaging social campaigns to encourage engagment and click-throughs. 

We do this through collaborating, researching, writing, and interviewing to create content that spans all the spectrums and brings turfcare to life. From case studies to news releases, customer testimonials to publications, features, editorial, blogs, thought leadership pieces and more, it’s all included. 

And it works. Media reach for Reesink’s content averages 1,000,000 a year and targeted content reaches up to 107,000 turf professionals per article.

A statistic about Reesink customer stories
A person feeling the quality of grass and soil
Student greenkeeper awards winners listening to an individual on a golf course
A statistic about the Reesink Turfcare website

Seeing is believing

We’re focused on creating videos that bring this sector to life and our process is refreshingly simple, all helped by the fact that Reesink has so much going on. 

Whether it’s awesome results at a customer’s venue, promoting awards, event coverage, product demonstrations, training videos, vox-pox interviews or behind-the scenes footage, it’s all done with a through brief, comprehensive storyboard, on-site video management and art direction for professional yet engaging and personable videos.

And it’s an approach loved by client, customers, and associations alike.

A man mowing a green space with a walk behind mower

And we crack code

When it comes to online solutions and developing top-ranking and long dwell time websites, campaign sites and new functionality, we go all in. 

Applying our lengthy turfcare industry knowledge, with a clear understanding of audience wants and wishes, we couple that with our agency’s UX and UI designers and elite backend and frontend developers, to deliver meaningful and effective code. Whether that’s websites, portals, new functionality to onboarding and integrating HubSpot’s CRM, it is always a timely and carefully managed solution that must exceed our client’s expectations. 

Using the latest platforms, we appoint a digital project manager to scope, brief and manage the project. The end results are websites that attract qualified and key audiences, skyrocketing site traffic to dizzying heights, with engaging content creating long dwell times, resulting in hundreds of online form leads every month.

A mockup of the Reesink Hydro-scapes website on a tablet device
A mockup of the Reesink website on a mobile device

Tangible growth, fast

The strategy is to increase online brand awareness and achieve fast growth in engagement. Through leveraging paid and organic social media tactics the session activity for the client’s main website increased by 322.85% compared to the previous year.

Activity has helped the client’s Facebook page experience substantial growth in 2023, with an increase in reach of 109,937 customers while paid activity grew engagement with an increase of 500% in click-through activity.

To achieve these results it takes integration. The digital marketing team works closely with the client services and content teams to ensure that wider campaigns and content are implemented into the calendars effectively, striking the right balance between engagement posts and product promotion to retain customer interest all year.

A water irrigation system on a golf course
A statistic about Reesink showing how many customers they've had
A statistic about click through activity
A toro machine being used on a green space

Eventful events

Reesink is busy all year round with a calendar of events designed to connect with customers, promote the industry, and introduce new products, technologies, and ranges, which means we are too! 

It could be an international and national event, tournament, show, exhibition, or awards, we’re there to provide strategic guidance on objectives, audiences, targeting, itineraries, publicity and content, video and photography, media opportunities and filming, venue dressing, and merchandise ideas. In short, Reesink and Toro’s activity in this area incorporates all departments in our business!

A turfcare tradeshow displaying Reesink Toro machines
A turfcare tradeshow showcasing Reesink e-vehicles

You don’t need NASA to launch your products

With Reesink being a distributor of international product lines, particularly of The Toro Company, new products are frequently launched to existing and new markets and we help with the messaging, media, channels, strategy and roll out.

Often these product launches aren’t simply about the product, it’s an emerging technology to introduce too, or a revolutionary new method, perhaps it’s a new entry point to market, they all require careful understanding of the brief, the USPs and audience, before creative concepts, messaging, launch release, developing concepts, media planning, budget management through to delivery takes place. We take it full circle and compete the process by talking to the end customer and showing the product in action. It’s a satisfying job.