WordPress website rebuild for GridBeyond

GridBeyond is a leading technology platform for flexible energy resources.

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OneAgency stepped up to support GridBeyond’s business goal of rebuilding its previous WordPress website ready for the next wave of marketing activity.

To enable content migration, new page and component designs needed to consider both old and new content requirements.

The previous site had a heavy reliance on a large number of plugins, so this was also up for review during the rebuild.

The client required advanced CMS control of website content and media, including high impact video across the site. Enhanced geo-location content controls were also called for, automatically detecting where users are located and serving them specific pages.

All enquiries and events are handled through a CRM integration.

A sleek and modern website design for GridBeyond, featuring a clean layout and intuitive navigation.

Our approach

Working closely with the client, our UX team thoroughly reviewed the user journey. This helped us specify areas that needed to be moved over from the old site and new sections that needed creating during the design process.

Our design team crafted all the new pages and CMS blocks required to create heavily populated news, case studies, insights and events pages. These continue to provide new business leads and attendees to GridBeyond events.

Three mobile phones showing GridBeyond website design

Due to there being a large amount of content to migrate, we used tools to assist where possible. This helped reduce the amount of manual work required to move site content over.

OneAgency works with a carefully chosen set of plugins to enhance WordPress. Wherever possible, we prefer to keep WordPress as clean as possible as this will result in faster page loading times and fewer theme compatibility issues.

We integrated Pardot forms into the pages allowing seamless connection to GridBeyond’s CRM system.

  • OneAgency WordPress boilerplate implementation using Bedrock
  • WordPress Gutenberg Block design and coding
  • CRM integration through Pardot forms
  • Consolidation and streamlining of WordPress plugins

We built all new content and CMS controls with localisation in mind. The website can adjust the content depending on where you are in the world (or choose manually). This works at both page and CMS block level.

This allows for a highly custom set of localised content used across the site opening up the website to Worldwide enquiries and lead generation.


A white screen displaying a world map
A sleek and modern website design for GridBeyond, featuring a clean layout and intuitive navigation.
A visual representation of the energy system in a city, showcasing the interconnected infrastructure and flow of energy