March 18, 2011

Happy fifth birthday Twitter!

Twitter Promoted Tweets Main

Wow, Twitter is five years old! Anyone else with us in saying it really doesn’t feel that long?

It’s been a successful first five years with some impressive stats achieved – there’s an estimated 200 billion accounts and still growing at a ‘record rate’ (Evans Williams, Twitter co-founder). So it was only a matter of time before ways of generating revenue from the site here in the UK came up for discussion.

Twitter has already started selling promoted tweets and accounts in America, with brands such as Virgin America testament to the power of 140 characters after it recorded its fifth highest sales day in the airline’s history when it launched its promoted tweets campaign recently.

Via its ‘Twitter Mentionhose’ all mentions, replies and re-tweets can be recorded, providing businesses with invaluable information about who is influencing, engaging with and ‘trending’ about your brand. Then there’s the Analytics service in development, which will show you the types of tweets that cause people to un-follow you compared to which ones are the most successful.

It’s going to be interesting to watch the situation unfold in the States and, from it, predict the effect it will have on UK businesses over the next few months. It’s pretty safe to say it’s going to give us a huge amount of viral marketing opportunities, with engagement rates predicted to be higher than the average cost per click and CPM advertising techniques.

It’s like marketing gold dust and apparently due here in the UK by the end of the year. Watch this space and we’ll make sure you know all you need to know.

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