We’re accredited!

We’re delighted to report that our Pay Per Click pro Colin McDonald recently passed the Microsoft Advertising Accreditation Exam, making oneagency.co a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional company. This is pretty impressive stuff – there are less than 100 such companies in the UK!

This qualification means we can offer our clients an alternative to Google AdWords and one which, despite yielding smaller volumes of traffic, consistently delivers a better return on investment.

Google AdWords’ importance in the UK has grown in the last couple of months with the integration of Yahoo Search Marketing with adCentre, creating a single platform for PPC ads on Yahoo UK and Bing. And the move means the volume of traffic available from adCentre has grown, while management overheads of running ads on the other two search engines are lower.

Sounds good hey? If you’re interested in running campaigns on Yahoo and Bing, whether that means starting again or moving your Google AdWords campaigns, we’re here to speak to you about how our expertise could help. Plus, Colin is keen to make use of his newly-accredited skills!

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